This document present information about mortality indicators used in mortality data visualizations and other information products disseminated through the PAHO Health Information Platform for the Americas (PLISA).

Mortality Indicators

Indicator definition

Death rates (crude, and age-standardized) by sex, country and year from 2000-2016 for all-causes of deaths (per 1,000 population) and selected causes of death (per 100,000 population) as follow:

  • I. Communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional conditions (A00-B99, D50-D53, D64.9, E00-E02, E40-E46, E50-E64, G00-G04, G14, H65-H66, J00-J22, N70-N73, O00-O99, P00-P96, U04 ICD-10 codes)

    • I.1 Tuberculosis (A15-A19, B90)
    • I.2 HIV/AIDS (B20-B24)
    • I.3 Lower respiratory infections (J09-J22, P23, U04)
  • II. Noncommunicable diseases C00-C97, D00-D48, D55-D64 (minus D 64.9), D65-D89, E03-E07, E10-E34, E65-E88, F01-F99, G06-G98 (minus G14), H00-H61, H68-H93, I00-I99, J30-J98, K00-K92, L00-L98, M00-M99, N00-N64, N75-N98, Q00-Q99, X41-X42, X44, X45, R95 ICD-10 codes)

    • II.1 Malignant neoplasms (C00-C97)
    • II.2 Stomach cancer (C16)
    • II.3 Colon and rectum cancers (C18-C21)
    • II.4 Pancreas cancer (C25)
    • II.5 Trachea, bronchus and lungs cancer (C33-C34)
    • II.6 Breast cancer (C50)
    • II.7 Cervix uteri cancer (C53)
    • II.8 Corpus uteri cancer (C54-C55)
    • II.9 Prostate cancer (C61)
    • II.10 Diabetes mellitus (E10-E14)
    • II.11 Alzheimer disease and other dementias (F01-F03, G30-G31)
    • II.12 Cardiovascular diseases (I00-I99)
    • II.13 Ischaemic heart diseases (I20-I25)
    • II.14 Stroke (I60-I69)
    • II.15 Respiratory diseases (J30-J98)
    • II.16 Cirrhosis of the liver (K70, K74)
  • III. Injuries (V01-Y89 (minus X41-X42, X44, X45 ICD-10 codes)

    • III.1 Road injury ( V01-V04, V06, V09-V80, V87, V89, V99)
    • III.2 Poisoning (X40, X43, X46-X48, X49)
    • III.3 Falls (W10-W19)
    • III.4 Self-harm (X60-X84, Y870)
    • III.5 Interpersonal violence (X85-Y09, Y871)
This list of cause of deaths include selected diseases and conditions from the Global health Estimate (GHE) cause list that are relevant for public health in the Region of the Americas, however it is not exhaustive.

Method of estimation

Rates were calculated by the Health Analysis, Metrics and Evidence Unit (HA) within the Department of Evidence and Intelligence for Action in Health (EIH) based on death estimates from the WHO Global Mortality Estimates 2000-2016 comprehensive dataset.

All rates were age-adjusted or age-standardized by direct method using the WHO World Standard Population data (

Death rates are estimates and they could be different to national health statistics as a result of differences in estimation methods and data sources.

Sources of data:

Death estimates by cause, sex and country: WHO Global Mortality Estimates (2018). Methods are available from: Global Health Estimates: Website | PDF

Population: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision. New York. Publication.