The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization PAHO / WHO, with financial support from the Department of Humanitarian Aid ECHO European Commission, being implemented in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru, the project Resilient Communities through health networks safe from disasters in South America that seeks to develop strategies and policies to contribute to the global effort to secure hospitals, as well as support local disaster organization incorporating health issues.

To complement these actions will work with authorities, local governments and actors involved in risk management to ensure coordination between the health sector coordination spaces generated to respond to local disasters.

To meet these objectives, the project includes implementation of the following activities:

1. Application of the Hospital Safety Index in the selected health units and elaboration of the report.

2.Development of the Hospital Safety Index intervention plan for the improvement of the level of safety of the health units evaluated.

3.Submission of the Hospital Safety Index evaluation report and the intervention plan to the board of directors of the corresponding health units and regional and/or national authorities.

4. Implementation of the priority actions within the intervention plan for the improvement of the level of safety of the health units evaluated and elaboration of the technical report.

5. Training sessions for the development of the local response plan and for the formation of local health response teams.

6. Formulation of a response plan of the local health network articulated with the community to respond to emergencies and disasters.

7. Development of a health emergency response table-top exercise/drill.

8. Provision of Basic equipment and supplies for local health response teams.

9. Meetings fot promotion and socialisation of the "Hospitas Safe from Disasters" Strategy and one regional meeting with participation of delegations of all the countries participant in the present project so as to exchange experiencies on the results and capitalise experiences.

10. Participation and support to the One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Campaign, part of the 2010-2011 World Disaster Risk Reduction Campaign on "Building Resilient Cities- My city is getting ready".

11. Actions for the acreditation of Hospitals Safety Index Evaluation Teams.

12. Reproduction and distribution of materials for training and dissemination of the "Hospitals Safe from Disasters" Strategy at the local, regional or national level.

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