At the season's mid-point, storms started rolling quickly through the Caribbean

By mid-September, Hurricanes Faye, Gustav, Hanna and Ike had made their way across the Caribbean, causing significant damage before striking various parts of the U.S. coast, from Louisiana to Florida to South Carolina. Although the storms varied in strength when they made landfall-their sustained winds were not the major cause of damage, rather, flooding was the culprit. In Haiti, the ground was already saturated by Faye when Gustav, Hanna and Ike struck in rapid succession. ( document Click here for a PowerPoint presentation on the situation in the countries)

The country reports that follow chronicle the health impact of these disasters-from deaths and population displacement to water and sanitation and shelter management. Read more below on the situation in each country. Take special note of the important role played by two Emergency Operations Centers established several years ago in Haiti.

Situation Reports by Country


Dominican Republic



Turks and Caicos