TOR - EMR Programmer GPHC

  1. Background

Health information is key to improve health outcomes, identify health needs, plan health interventions and to monitor progress in achieving of health goals. PAHO/WHO is working in collaboration with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) in the implementation of a pilot of an Electronic Medical Records system. The aim is to optimize the quality and efficiency of health care delivery.

The GPHC has recently decided to implement an open-source electronic medical records software that although it is license free and ready to use, requires its adaptation to the needs and specific context of this hospital. There is currently no professional programmer at the GPHC that can work full time on software development for the implementation of the electronic medical records. As a result, there is a need for more robust human resources for the development and strengthening of this system.

An IT Programmer will perform systems and applications analysis, design and program solutions to automation and produce information requirements. The IT Programmer will be required to provide decisions to adapt the Electronic Medical Records application, both hardware and software to the needs of the GPHC. The individual should be able to interpret and evaluate client needs and prioritizing user requirements through the delivery of presentations, user documentation and a working end product. All decisions must be in accordance with the policies of the GPHC. Decisions should be made with respect to the support demands unless senior level intervention is required.

  1. Purpose

To strengthen and further develop the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Electronic Medical Records software through the support of an IT Programmer.

  1. Objective

To improve data and information management at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation:

    1. To improve, monitor and evaluate the provision health services to individual patients.
    2. To support evidenced based decision making in the planning and operations of the of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Please see TOR for download here.

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