- PROPOSAL FOR 2004-2005 -

Pan American Health Organization
Regional Office of the World Health Organization

-September 2003-

  • Table of contents

  • Section I - Program Budget Policy

  • Section II - Areas of Work
    1. Executive Direction: Executive Management, Program Development and Management, Staff Development
    2. Governance and Partnerships: External Relations and Partnerships, Governing Bodies, Public Information, Retirees' Health Insurance
    3. Country Program Support: Emergency and Humanitarian Action, Strengthening Country Presence, Support to National Health Development, Technical Cooperation among Countries, Regional Director's Development Program
    4. Intersectoral Action and Sustainable Development: Health and Human Security, Healthy Spaces and Local Development, Nutrition and Food Security, Food Safety, Human Ecology and Environmental Health
    5. Health Information and Technology: Research and Knowledge-sharing, Health Information and Analysis, Information and Communication Technology, Essential Medicines: Access, Quality and Rational Use, Clinical Technology and Blood Safety
    6. Universal Access to Health Services: Leadership and Public Health Infrastructure, Social Protection in Health, Health Services Delivery, Human Resources for Health
    7. Disease Control and Risk Management: Tobacco, Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, Tuberculosis and Emerging Diseases, Malaria and Other Vector-borne Diseases, Neglected Diseases and Research, Non-communicable Diseases, Veterinary Public Health
    8. Family and Community Health: Women's and Maternal Health, Child and Adolescent Health, Education and Social Communication, Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Immunization and Vaccine Development, AIDS and Sexually-transmitted Infections
    9. Administrative Support: Human Resources Management, Support Services and Procurement, Financial Management

  • Section III - Country Programs
  • Section IV - Annexes