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Institutional Response to Diabetes and Its Complications (IRDC):

DOTA Caribbean Diabetes Initiative


Final Report
Project Workshops, Quality of Diabetes Care:
- 2004 (Nassau, Bahamas)
- 2003 (Miami, USA )
- 2002 (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

Other Subregional Initiatives
- Central American Diabetes Initiative (CAMDI)
- Veracruz Initiative for Diabetes Awareness (VIDA Project)

- Diabetes Initiative for the Americas (DIA):
Action Plan 2001–2006
- PAHO Diabetes Page
- WHO Diabetes Page

Project Summary

The project Institutional Response to Diabetes and its Complications (IRDC) is supported by the Declaration of the Americas on Diabetes (DOTA), with the aim of improving the quality of diabetes care in the Caribbean:

  • Phase I of the project consisted of an audit of medical records in outpatient clinics in The Bahamas and Jamaica, as well as in two hospitals in St. Lucia. The aim of this first phase was to assess the quality of care for people with diabetes. Overall, 563 patient charts were reviewed. Results indicated that the quality of diabetes care in participating countries needs to be improved and that country-specific patterns of care shown in the baseline study must be used in planning interventions that focus on quality of diabetes care improvement.
  • Phase II: Some of the activities to be considered for the next phase of the DOTA Caribbean Initiative are the review, implementation, and evaluation of current diabetes guidelines; in-service training for health professionals; and diabetes education.