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PAHO/WHO joins the October Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign with the following message:

Breast cancer can be detected early and treated effectively

Breast cancer in the Americas

In the Americas, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. More than 462,000 women are newly diagnosed and aproximately 100,000 women die from breast cancer each year. This is expected to increase by 34% in the Americas by 2030, if current trends continue.

In high income countries, organized screening programs with mammography have led to earlier diagnosis, and coupled with effective treatment, have led to reductions in breast cancer mortality. There are many challenges, however in implementing such effective organized screening programs in limited resource settings. Therefore, raising awareness and understanding about breast cancer risks, early signs and symptoms and overall breast health awareness is an important part of a public health approach for breast cancer.

Join the October Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer and support women to reduce their breast cancer risks, be screened and seek medical attention, if a suspicious lump is detected.


Technical materials

 Mammography Services Quality Assurance: Baseline standards for Latin America and the Caribbean

cover mammography manual ENThis is a manual aimed at public health professionals, health authorities and radiology personnel working in breast cancer screening programs and mammography services. It provide baseline standards on mammography quality assurance, in order to increase access to quality services, while ensuring patient and public safety.

Download it at: English | Spanish


Breast Cancer in the Americas

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Breast cancer summaries for health professionals

This series of technical summaries about breast cancer  is aimed at health professionals involved in planning programs, policies and services. The summaries were developed with our partners in the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and the Breast Health Global Initiative. It covers topics such as: breast cancer risk factors and risk reduction strategies, early signs and symptoms, screening and early detection methods, and planning comprehensive breast health programs. 

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WHO position paper on mammography screening

Picture1This position paper presents the WHO recommendations on mammography screening, according to  available resources.


Testimonials from breast cancer survivors

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