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Posters World no Tobacco Day 2015

One in every 10 cigarettes, and many other tobacco products, consumed worldwide are illegal, making the illicit trade of tobacco products a major global concern from many perspectives, including health, legal, economic, governance and corruption. The tobacco industry and criminal groups are among those who profit from the illegal tobacco trade, leaving the public to pay the health and security costs.

Ratification by governments of the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products is necessary to respond to the financial, legal and health impacts of the illicit trade of tobacco products. The public, academia and other sectors can take action by urging their lawmakers to make their countries Parties to the Protocol. Ratification of the protocol.

40 countries y 1 in 10 EN

Illicit trade of tobacco products poses major health, economic and security concern:

  • Hook young people into tobacco experimentation and use because they are more affordable.
  • Are not subject to health regulations, such as the inclusion of health warnings, which misleads the population, especially children.
  • Reduces revenue for governments, which undermines good governance and reduces resource allocation for socioeconomic development and public services, such as healthcare.
  • Strengthens corruption by sponsoring criminals and funding organized crime.
  • The tobacco industries undermine the implementation of tobacco control measures, by using loopholes in the governance systems and getting involved in the illicit trade.

Campaign at a glance

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Campaign materials

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