First Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Public Health Entomology

As the Zika Virus has in short order become a major regional health issue, there is an increased need to develop coordinated strategies that better target the vector source of its spread, the Aedes mosquito. With knowledge concerning the spread of the virus and vector control options becoming increasingly available, there is a pressing need for our actions to adapt and evolve in order to address vital issues in the medium-to-long term. 

The recommendations for vector control and surveillance put forth stress the need for robust, yet practical, programs that can be adhered to on a regional level, and that address fundamental hurdles that impede efforts at virus suppression. Key to success will be an emphasis on protecting pregnant women, and in engaging local communities to help instill the message that the solution will ultimately rise from their actions and commitments. Find the report on the first meeting of the technical advisory group on public health entomology.


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