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Proposals evaluated according to their potential contribution to improve convergence and regulatory harmonization objecting to strengthening regulatory capacities towards universal health according to the PANDRH prioritization of thematic areas.

Poposal submmission, deadlines, procedures, and scope:  pdf Call for projects VIII CPANDRH.

Project selected.

We are pleased to announce that on the last PANDRH Steering Committee Meeting, held on December 15th 2016, the following projects were approved to be implemented throughout the 2017.

pdf   pdf Project: Network for sharing information in the Americas on global regulatory convergence initiatives. [2016] pdf proposed by ANVISA/Brazil, FDA/USA and HC/Canada.

pdf  Project: Non-prescription drugs: From the traditional model to new regulatory feedback scenarios. [2016] proposed by ANMAT/Argentina, INVIMA/Colombia and COFREPRIS/Mexico. 

pdf  Project: Strengthening of regulatory capacity on medical devices in the Region of the Americas. [2016] proposed by INVIMA/Colombia and CECMED/Cuba.


  • Proposals submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 31 August 2016, 23:00 (EST). Proposals received after this date will not be considered.
  • The Steering Committee members  received the proposals for individual assessment up to 1 September 2016 and had until 9 September 2016 to express their comments on these projects. Comments received after this date were not be considered.
  • The PANDRH Secretariat received comments until 9 September 2016 and  consolidated them into one document.
  • During the Steering Committee meeting at the VIII CPANDRH (19 October 2016), members received the consolidated comments and had the opportunity to discuss on proposals and defined which would were implemented.
  • PANDRH Steering Committee Meeting, held on December 15th 2016, and projects were approved to be implemented throughout the 2017.