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Number of pages: 57

Publication date: 2016

Language: English, Spanish

ISBN: 978-92-75-11910-5 

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pdf Section 1: Scientific evid pdf en pdf ce on HPV pdf testing for cervical cancer screening
pdf • Section 2: Summary of commercially available HPV tests
pdf • Section 3: Costs to consider for an HPV test-based cervical cancer screening program
pdf • Section 4: Planning an HPV test-based cervical cancer screening program: where to begin?
pdf • Section 5: Training health workers in HPV testing
pdf • Section 6: Procedures for HPV test sample collection and shipment to the laboratory
pdf • Section 7: Operational aspects of the laboratory
pdf • Section 8: Management of HPV test results
pdf • Section 9: Communicating results about HPV testing
pdf • Section 10: HPV testing using self-sampling
pdf • Section 11: Information systems and program monitoring
pdf • Section 12: Country experiences with integrating HPV testing in national cervical cancer screening programs
pdf • Annex: Frequently asked questions about HPV testing
The World Health Organization (WHO) guideline for cervical cancer screening recommends HPV testing for cervical cancer screening.  Many countries, however have already established cytology (Pap smear) based, or visual inspection based (VIA) screening programs, and while the scientific evidence illustrates that HPV testing is more sensitive than other tests, guidance is needed on how to implement HPV test based programs. This guide, Integrating HPV Testing in Cervical Cancer Screening Programs: A Manual for Program Managers intends to fill this knowledge gap. It provides up-to-date information on HPV testing, to facilitate strengthening cervical cancer screening programs. It describes the scientific evidence and recommendations for HPV testing, the characteristics of available HPV tests, practical laboratory information, and communicating results about HPV testing.  It also includes a summary of the experiences and lessons from some countries that have introduced HPV testing into national cervical cancer programs.