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Health leaders agree on actions to improve access to high-cost medicines and protect the health of migrants

PAHO Directing Council ends with new agreements on preventing, controlling and eliminating diseases in the Americas

Países de las Américas buscan abordar necesidades en salud de los migrantes

Health ministers agree on action to improve access to high-cost medicines in the Americas

Health leaders agree on actions to reduce disaster risks, make health systems more resilient in emergencies

New action plan for the Americas seeks to reduce health impacts from disasters

PAHO Directing Council endorses new strategies to fight malaria, neglected diseases and arboviruses, including Zika

The Americas aim to eliminate eight neglected infectious diseases and control five other in the next six years

Countries of the Americas seek stronger, more resilient health systems to cope with epidemics and other health emergencies

Health authorities agree on measures to prevent and control mosquito-borne viruses in the Americas

Health ministers adopt new plan for malaria elimination in the Americas

Countries of the Americas agree on plan to end AIDS and STIs as public health problems by 2030

Region of the Americas is declared free of measles

PAHO/WHO and governments of Brazil and Cuba renew "Mais Medicos" program

PAHO recognizes Uruguay for defending tobacco control policies against commercial interests

Dr. Pastor Castell-Florit Serrate, career public health servant of Cuba, is winner of PAHO Award for Administration

Guatemala is the fourth country in the world to eliminate onchocerciasis, known as 'river blindness'

Zika epidemic shows value of regional health collaboration

Health minister of Honduras elected president of the Pan American Health Organization's 55th Directing Council

Ministra de Salud destaca avances de El Salvador hacia la salud universal

Ministers of health to discuss actions to improve health in the Region

Directora de la OPS informó a los embajadores de la OEA sobre los temas que se tratarán en el 55º Consejo Directivo