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PH campusThePAHO Virtual Campus for Public Health offers continuing education courses with the purpose of improving the skills and practices of the health workforce.

Cancer prevention and control

VIA and Cryotherapy for Cervical Cancer Prevention (in Spanish)

VC CACUThis self-learning course provides theoretical information about the use of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) as a screening method for cervical cancer, and on the use of cryotherapy treatment for pre-cancerous lesions. This course is useful as background information for primary care providers who will receive practical, hands on training in a clinic setting on how to perform these procedures. The course is currently available in Spanish. Click here to access the course

Cervical Cancer Control

curso cancer virtualcourse 2018 vertical eng

This self-learning course provides scientific information for health care providers on cervical cancer prevention and control, and it is based on the WHO guide "Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control: A guide to essential practice.''  This course will include up to date information on HPV vaccination, cervical cancer screening methods, treatment of cervical precancerous lesions and invasive cancer, and palliative care. The course is directed at primary health care workers who provide services for women, and those who are interested to learn more about how cervical cancer can be prevented and treated. Click here to access the course

Cardiovascular diseases

Management of hypertension for primary care teams

HypertensionThis self-learning course, aimed to primary care teams in their practice and sociocultural context, provides evidence based information about basic elements for blood pression managment and control. It presents aspects to consolidate certified practices and methodologies for the adoption and evaluation of antihypertensive treatment. The course is currently available in Spanish. Click here to access the course

Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

imagen-final prevencion secundariaThe objective of this self-learning course is to improve timely diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and their risk factors and improve the quality of care to prevent complications from CVD. The course includes information to learn the distribution of CVD in Latin America, recognize populations at risk and establish effective therapeutic strategies for populations with risk factors. It is available only in Spanish. Click here to access the course

Chronic kidney disease

Peritoneal dialysis for Primary Care Teams (in Spanish)

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Self-learning course aimed to primare care teams involved in screening and care of patients with dialysis treatment. It is only available in Spanish.

Click here to access the course

Prevention and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease for Primary Care Teams

banner curso enf renal ESThis self-learning course it´s aimed to improve measures to prevent chronic kidney disease, optimize early diagnosis and provide quality care to prevent or retard the complications in more advanced stages. The course is available in Spanish and Portuguese. Click here to access the course



DIABETES 1This self-learning course, aimed to health professionals, provides knowledge about a comprehensive approach of people with diabetes. The course presents information about diagnosis criteria and classification, as well as diabetes physiology and physiopathology bases; the epidemiology in diabetes and what it represents economically for those who lives with this condition; possible complications and prevention; nutrition and metabolic control for self monitoring, and eating/exercise programs to treat diabetes; and, also, the basic elements for the development of education programs for the community. The course is currently available in Spanish. Click here to access the course

Education Program for People with Type 2 Diabetes

DIABETES 2This self-learning course is directed to the diabetic population (people living with diabetes type 2). It provides informacion on basic concepts of diabetes as its causes and normal blood sugar values, the complications and symptoms related to it, selfcare and special situations. The course also address topics as nutrition, physical activity, prevention of complications and others. The course is currently available in Spanish.  Click here to access the course