logo Concurso de Experiencias Significativas en Promoción de la Salud en la  Región de las Américas

Does your city/municipality, school or university/higher education institution have any experience in Health Promotion? Have Health Promotion activities been carried out in your setting by working in a network, doing intersectoral work, offering health education with a comprehensive approach or by building knowledge in Health Promotion?

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) is pleased to invite you to apply to the Contest of Significant Experiences in Health Promotion in the Americas in the areas of Municipalities, Schools and Universities and Higher Education Institutions.

Winners will receive recognition from PAHO / WHO for their Health Promotion practices with respect to their healthy setting. Twelve experiences will be recognized in the Region of the Americas.

Thank you for your interest in the Contest.
The 12 outstanding experiences of the Contest will be announced in September 2017.


The purpose of this contest is to recognize and disseminate outstanding practices and initiatives and significant experiences in health promotion in municipalities, schools, and universities and higher education institutions in the Region of the Americas, in one of the following categories: Health Education with Integral Approach, Networking, Knowledge Building in Health Promotion, or Intersectoriality.

What is a significant experience?

For the purposes of this contest, a significant experience is:

A health promotion experience or initiative implemented in a municipality, school, or higher education institution aimed at helping to create healthy spaces that improve the state of health and quality of life of people and communities, and that can serve as a model in other contexts.

The experience or initiative should:

  • Be relevant and appropriate to its context (population or community);
  • Attempt to address a situation in which it is considered necessary to take action or to make changes or improvements.
  • Show changes or results considered by the target population to be valuable or useful;
  • Be participatory and involve the key actors in the issue and context;
  • Incorporate and value the knowledge and practices of individuals and groups;
  • Permite generar nuevos conocimientos y prácticas;
  • Be clearly documented in places accessible to the key actors who have participated in the experience;
  • Be sustainable (continue over time or produce long-lasting effects or changes);
  • Permit replication (can be implemented in a different situation with similar conditions);
  • Be innovative (offer a different and creative way to do things or reorganize them);
  • Consider aspects of systematization, monitoring and evaluation of results, feedback on action taken, and reorganization of activities based on lessons learned.



A total of 12 recognitions will be given, one per category in each area:

1. Health Education with a Comprehensive Approach;
2. Working in a Network;
3. Building Knowledge in Health Promotion;
4. Intersectoriality.

This recognition will be given by the Pan American Health Organization. The results of this contest will be announced and published on the PAHO website.

A summary of the winning experiences will be published on the websites of PAHO and all the networks and institutions participating in the team that is coordinating the contest.

Submission and selection process of winning experiences/initiatives

All submissions should be made formally, using the submission for that will be available under Important dates at www.paho.org/healthpromotion/contest2017

The completed form should be uploaded to the same page with all supporting documents.

An experience / initiative can be presented in only one area and one category.

Compliance with requirements
During the five (5) working days following its receipt, the submission form will be reviewed to ensure that the experience or initiative meets the basic requirements. Experiences that do so will be registered with an ID number for evaluation.

Consideration and selection of winning experiences / initiatives
Once the submission has been received, it will be reviewed and considered according to pre-established instructions and procedures. This will be done by experts in each of the areas of intervention. This information will be consolidated in order to select the three winning experiences in each category of each area, and these will be sent to an international jury who will choose the winners.

Decisions by the international jury will be final and cannot be appealed.

Important dates

Significant health promotion experiences can be submitted between 10 April and 12 May 2017.Candidates will need to complete the submission form that will open by entering this link.

Only submissions received by 11:59 p.m. (ET, Washington, DC time) on 12 May 2017 will be accepted if they include all the requested information.

Submissions received after the established deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances.


Printable documents

Bases del concurso


Who can participate?

The following can participate:

1. Municipalities/Cities:All municipalities, communes, or communities (urban or rural) that have carried out or are currently implementing health promotion and/or public policy management initiatives that share the principles and values of the Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities strategy, for at least two years;


2. Schools:All public and private schools and educational centers in the Region of the Americas, including pre-school, primary, and secondary education, both in rural and urban areas, that have carried out or are currently implementing health promotion initiatives in school settings, or have implemented the Health-promoting Schools / Healthy Schools strategy for at least two years;


3. Universities/Higher Education InstitutionsAll universities and higher education institutions that have carried out or are currently implementing processes to strengthen their role as health-promoting universities or institutions (HPUs), based on established international guidelines for HPUs, incorporating health promotion into their educational project in order to facilitate human development and improve the quality of life of those who study and work there and, at the same time, training them to serve as models and/or promoters of healthy behaviors in their families, their environment, and society in general; and/or universities that are continuously improving on and intervening in the factors that determine their physical and social environment, facilitating access and strengthening community resources that allow their members to perform all their vital functions and to develop to their maximum potential from a standpoint of mutual support.


Evaluation of submissions

Submissions will be evaluated by an international jury (with members from different countries) that will select the winners in the following categories in each area:

Health Education with a Comprehensive Approach;

  • Experiences involving an integrated approach to health education, seeking to strength individual and collective capacities for a healthy life, including the development of psychosocial life skills.
  • Experiences and initiatives that use various educational and policy tools and social action--based on theory, research, and practice--to work with individuals, groups, populations, communities, and institutions, demonstrating the development of healthy living conditions and lifestyles and taking into account social interaction, as well as the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the population.

Working in a network

  • Experiences and initiatives that demonstrate methodology for networked decision-making and implementation processes, and the actors, structures, organizations, and institutions involved in these processes, helping to achieve shared social objectives in health promotion and community participation.
  • Experiences that demonstrate processes, strategies, and achievements in health promotion based on working in a network.

Building Knowledge in Health Promotion

  • Experiences that contribute evidence on the health and well-being of populations and that produce learning and relevant information by offering our societies multidisciplinary data on the healthy settings approach, as well as comprehensive and complex mechanisms to evaluate and focus advances in these processes.
  • Experiences in this category will allow follow-up on documentation, quantitative and qualitative systematization of data, evaluation of processes, information analysis, contributions to the assessment of strategies, and reporting of evidence of effectiveness in health promotion.


  • Experiences that show progress in cooperation among sectors leading to action aimed at tackling priority problems to achieve outcomes in health, equity in health, or the social determinants of health.

Note: Please remember that an experience or initiative can be submitted in only one area of intervention and in one of the four proposed categories.

Additional information

For additional information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This contest is organized by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in collaboration with:

  • Latin American and Caribbean Health Promotion Managers Network (REDLACPROMSA),
  • Ibero-American Network of Health Promoting Universities (RIUPS),
  • Colombian Network of Health Promoting Universities (REDCUPS),
  • Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) Chile; and
  • PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers: CEPEDOC, Instituto PROINAPSA de la Universidad Industrial de Santander-UIS y Universidad de Puerto Rico.