The purpose of the 2015-2020 Regional Immunization Action Plan (RIAP) approved by 54th Directing Council in 2015 is to adapt the Global Immunization Action Plan (GVAP) to the regional context and cooperate with countries for the adoption of goals, strategies, and common activities, as well as facilitate dialogue, promote synergy with partners, and continue to strengthen national immunization programs in the Region.

In order to achieve this vision in the Americas, challenges must still be addressed, such as the following: a) ensure universal access to vaccines; b) respond to increasing pressure from "anti-vaccine" groups; c) manage the high cost of new vaccines, which constitutes a barrier to equitable access; d) maintain immunization as a high political priority, as reflected in the sustained allocation of national resources; and e) manage the growing number of immunization partners, which requires coordination and improved communication among partners and with the general population, to ensure the most efficient use of resources, among other things.

RIAP 2015-2020

54DC-7-e   pdf Plan of Action on Immunization
  54th Directing Council - 2015

  Plan of Action on Immunization, Resolution 54DC pdf Plan of Action on Immunization, Resolution (CD54.R8)
  54th Directing Council - 2015