Course on Quality management and good laboratory practices. Third Edition, Washington, D.C., 2016

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Third Edition

The objective of this course is to provide training on the basic principles necessary for quality management and the application of good practices in laboratories. The content of these modules includes appropriate information, which together with the described terminology, allows the participant to become familiar with the essential concepts on the main areas of quality management system.   

Laboratory Quality Management System Training Toolkit  

The course is designed for participants to begin the planning and implementation of a quality control system in their institutions or their own laboratories, with the help of practical activities designed specifically to apply what they have learned. The course is developed through a self-learning method, which is the reason why the experiences of each participant plays a very important role. Both practical activities and discussions focus on the day-to-day operation of the laboratory. 

Latin American guide for the implementation of the code of ethics in health laboratories. Washington, D.C.: PAHO, 2007 

Prepared in collaboration with the regional experts of COLABIOCLI (Latin American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry), and other internationally renowned experts in the Region, this guide aims to provide guidelines for the development of a Code of Ethics for health laboratories (public health laboratories, clinical laboratories and laboratories of clinical investigations).

Laboratories and their professionals may have national standards or laws that set other guidelines that must be respected as a priority, which is why this guide will be adapted to the national legislation and its principles and will adapt the wording of the guide to that of its Quality Manual.

Guide for the elaboration of accreditation manuals for clinical laboratories in Latin America. 2002

This guide was prepared by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Latin American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry (COLABIOCLI) based on experiences from different countries in Latin America, mainly from the Biochemical Foundation to accredit clinical laboratories in Argentina, the Dominican Association of Professionals of the Clinical Laboratory (ADOPLAC), the Federation of Associations of Bioanalysts of Venezuela, other national entities affiliated with COLABIOCLI and the professionals who contributed with their comments in the different seminars. This document is recommended as a guide for the discussion and preparation of the accreditation manuals for the countries of the region in the initial and gradual stages towards the total quality of the clinical laboratory services.