Save lives: #SlowDown

SaveLives---SlowDown---eng-transparentThe Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week will take place from the 8th to the 14th of May 2017. This Week will focus on speed and the actions and policies that can be taken to address this risk factor for deaths and injuries caused by traffic. Excessive speed contributes to about a third of all deaths caused by traffic in high-income countries and half of them in low and middle-income countries.

Countries which have successfully reduced traffic deaths have done so by prioritizing safety when managing speed. Effective proven strategies to address speed include:

  • Building or modifying roads by including engineering elements which slow down the speed of traffic.
  • Establishing speed limits to the function of each road.
  • Enforcing speed limits.
  • Installing specific in-vehicle technologies.
  • Raising awareness about the dangers of speeding.

The objectives of the Fourth Global Road Safety Week are:

  • To raise awareness of the damaging consequences of speed and the benefits of reducing it.
  • Promoting evidence-based solutions to control speed (on the basis of safe systems approach) aimed toward policy and decision makers
  • Ensuring that decision and security policy makers commit to finding solutions by the end of the Global Week.

These objectives align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) amongst its targets SDG 3.6 and SDG 11.2.

Activities in countries of the Region of the Americas

At least 16 countries of the Region of the Americas will carry out different activities to raise awareness and provide information, both for decision makers and leaders of institutions in charge of traffic regulations, and for the general public. These include the dissemination of messages in media and social networks, transportation systems and schools. Fairs will also be carried out, as well as presentations in public spaces and activities in urban areas. The signing of protocols and agreements by local authorities in charge of reducing speed limits will be promoted.

PAHO Regional Office, in cooperation with WHO, has launched a series of media and technical material aimed at supporting the campaign's promotion activities. These are downloadable at the bottom of the page.

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