Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) spread in the Americas

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Yellow Fever

Yellow fever vaccination recommendations in the Americas. Interactive map

Yellow Fever risk areas determined by PAHO/WHO and Member States 2013 - 2017


Yellow Fever vaccination Recommendations in the Americas 2018

YF Vaccination 30July2018 - small

Yellow Fever in the Americas: Confirmed human cases and deaths by country, 1960-2015, and sub-national distribution 2000-2014

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Countries and territories of the Americas with confirmed autochthonous cases of Zika virus (vector-borne transmission) 2015-2017

300 ZikaxPais


Zika country profile maps. Countries and territories with autochthonous transmission in the Americas reported in 2015-2017

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Populations at risk of arbovirus in the Americas

Populations at risk of arbovirus in the Americas

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Chikungunya Geographic distribution by Epidemiological Week. Chikungunya Autochthonous Transmission in the Americas, PAHO /WHO Interactive Map

300 ChikInteractive

Chikungunya Geographic distribution by Epidemiological Week

300 ChikEstatico

Geographic Spread of Chikungunya in the Americas 2013 - 2017

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Arbovirus Diagnosis Laboratory Network of the Americas (RELDA)


Vector Borne Diseases

300 VBD


Equine encephalomyelitis in Panama 2010-2015

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Meningococcal Disease

Atlas of Cholera Outbreak in La Hispaniola 

300 CholeraAtlas

Cholera cases in The Americas 

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Meningococcal Disease Surveillance in the Americas (SIREVA) miningococcal disease


Avian Influenza in the Americas - HPAI and LPAI - Interactive Report

300 AvianInfluenza

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Human deaths by Country in the Americas. Institutional Memory 

300 PandemiH1N1deaths

Regional Update on Acute Respiratory Disease. Qualitative Indicators by Epidemiological Week (EW) 2009-2010. Institutional Memory 

300 AcuteRespiratoryMonitor

Emergency Operation Center

Natural hazards in the Americas: exposed population and nearest hospitals

300 NaruralHazardsEOC

Emergency Operation Center

Interactive Atlas of Natural Hazards and Alerts in the Americas 

300 AtlasHazard

Nuclear Plants

Nuclear plant location in the Americas 

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Matthew aftermath - Cholera Upsurge in Haiti Interactive Map

300 Matthew Hurricane Haiti

Situation Room in Peru. Floods in Peru. Outbreaks locations reported by the DGE

300 BrotesPeru2017

Suspected cholera cases in Haiti after hurricane Matthew

300 CholeraCentersMatthew2016

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Nicaragua Health Situation Room

300 AtlasDesatenidas

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Mass Gatherings and Public Health (2014)

300 WorldCup2014

Neglected Diseases

Atlas of Neglected Infectious Diseases (EID) in the Region of the Americas 2015

300 AtlasNicaragua