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Voluntary blood donor day and VOSX3 Campaign: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The VOSX3 campaign has been an instrumental framework to promote voluntary blood donations and educate donors. VOSX3 collaborated with companies and their employees were invited to participate in the event and become blood donors. Blood extraction sites were set up in central areas of the workspace and performed by technicians. Over the course of seven days between 2014 and 2017, 299 donations were made and 70 participants were converted into new donors.

With the help of these donors, 897 lives can be saved. In addition to these donor events, a cycle of meetings with companies have been implemented within their agenda to further transcend the message and educate participants. "I have donated blood for four years and if it was not for the campaign in the company maybe I would have never approached donating. It's practical, simple and you really feel you're helping. " Iván, regular donor.

Blood donor education: Guatemala, Guatemala

In response to an influx of potential blood donors, Hospital General de Accidentes used this opportunity to educate donors.

This informative event focused on moving away from responsive action and toward preventative action through education. 100 university students and blood bank personnel were given informative talks on the procedure followed by the blood bank in case of an emergency in addition to the need for regular blood donors.

Donate bood and pass the ball for a friend: São Paulo, Brazil

To maintain sufficient stocks during the World Cup, the Pro-Sangue Foundation launched a campaign to encourage blood donation during the championship period. Daniel Alves, a national team player served as the spokesperson for the cause. The campaign also included a tour of the exhibition "The Red Ball" that was installed, free of charge, in several shopping malls in the city. The campaign advocated for blood donation through the slogan: "Donate Blood and Pass the Ball for a Friend."

Promotion of voluntary and altruistic blood donation: La Banda, Argentina April, 2017

Through collaboration with a local health center and health personnel, a blood donation campaign was organized. Within this health center, trained staff took part in educating participants on the importance of blood donation and promoting awareness. This event had 30 participants and 25 blood donors. The goal of these education measures was to strengthen community resilience in conjunction with voluntary blood donation and promotion campaigns, focusing on solidarity and empathy.

John Wilson was introduced to the idea of blood donations when a friend was in need of a transfusion

John Wilson "Ricky" was introduced to the idea of blood donations when a friend was in need of a transfusion due to an accident. After seeing the ease of the blood donation process, he decided to become a routine donor. Ricky has been donating since 1981 and surpassed the milestone of donating 100 pints of blood and is working towards his next goal of 125 pints. He encourages those around him to follow the slogan of this year's World Blood Donor Day and give blood, give now, and to give often.