It provides up-to-date information about existing availability of mental health services and resources. The questionnaire is compiled every 2 years by focal points of each Member State and completed with the support of PAHO mental health focal points. It requires methodological and administrative steps that WHO and PAHO coordinate:

1. Production and pilot test of the questionnaire:

Selection of indicators is based on a mutual collaboration between PAHO and Member States, as well as experts in mental health. A questionnaire draft is used as a pilot test in two countries and sent to advisors and other experts for feedback. Later on, it is modified according to the feedback received. A final guide standardizes terms and definition of resources so that they are understood by all subjects surveyed.

2. Dissemination and presentation of the questionnaire:

PAHO/WHO request Health Ministries and other related ministries to appoint a focal point responsible for completing the Mental Health Atlas Questionnaire. The focal point contacts other experts in the field to gather relevant information for the questionnaire. PAHO/WHO is always available to answer possible questions or additional guidance to help focal points answer the questionnaire. 

3. Interpreting, refining and data analyzing:

When the questionnaire is completed, there is a revision for incomplete or inconsistent answers. To ensure high-quality data, subjects that have been surveyed are contacted for clarification and their answers might be edited. Upon reception of final questionnaires, the data is processed, analyzed and reported to WHO/PAHO and World Bank Group of Income.

Mental Health Atlas Tools