The tool is designed to produce information every 2 years intended to strengthened national surveillance systems for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and risk factors (RFs). Its main objectives are:

Identify national surveillance systems strengths and weaknesses

  • Recognize opportunities to integrate information through a single indicator
  • Support planning of individual and specific actions for each country to strengthen national surveillance systems for NCDs and RFs
  • Provide standardized criteria for surveillance evaluation of NCDs and RFs

The questionnaire is designed to be completed online by focal points appointed by the Ministry of Health of each Member Country. Focal points are responsible of coordinating and compiling all national information. Some of the answers require documentation that support given answers. After completion, there is a validation process where countries provide additional information to support their answers. It's divided in 5 modules:

  1. Infrastructure for NCDs and RFs
  2. Population survey
  3. Mortality information system
  4. NCDs registries
  5. Health information systems