The Regional Network of Pharmaceutical Procurement and Supply Management Authorities (Cariprosum) was created in November 2004 with the participation of National Procurement Authorities (NPA) of Caribbean Countries with the mission of "To promote the continuous availability of affordable pharmaceutical products meeting standards in safety, quality and efficacy, for Caribbean public health program and services, through inter-country and regional cooperation".

CARIPROSUM network is an opportunity to enhance the technical cooperation related to the pharmaceutical management supply in the Caribbean, to consolidate the partnership and to look for common solutions or interventions in the field of the Procurement.


  • To promote dialogue and share experiences in pharmaceutical procurement;
  • To harmonize norms, standards and administrative procedures in pharmaceutical procurement;
  • To strengthen the capacity for purchasing and distributing essential drugs;
  • To foster technical cooperation among countries.

Scope of work

The network will focus on common issues relating to pharmaceutical procurement and supply management including:
  • Standards in pharmaceutical procurement and commodity management;
  • Procedures and administration for efficient, effective and transparent procurement management;
  • Cost containment through supply management, pricing transparency and intellectual property regulation;
  • Disaster and emergency management of pharmaceuticals and donated goods;
  • Information management, tools and resources required for procurement, storage and distribution;
  • Operational research of best practices, methodologies and technologies;
  • Systems evaluation of the procurement and supply management process examining objective, process and result.

Power Point Presentation: Scope of Work