Save the Date WCD2018 ENGOn 6 February 2018, as part of the activities organized to mark World Cancer Day PAHO in collaboration with the Latin American Union against Cancer of Women (ULACCAM) will held the webinar "Women´s Cancer Prevention and Control in the Americas". The speakers will present effective strategies to prevent and control women´s cancers, including what can be done from the health systems as well as the contributions that civil society can do.

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HOPE: Improving women´s cancer health using molecular self-testing for screening of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)


  • Welcome and introduction. Dr. Merle J. Lewis, Chief of Staff, PAHO
  • Women and cancer in LAC: challenges and opportunities for health systems. Dr. Julio Frenk, President, University of Miami 
  • Systemic and civil society innovations to reduce gaps in access to services and reduce the burden of women's cancers. Dr. Felicia Knaul, Full Member Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and Director Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, University of Miami; President, ULACCAM/Tómatelo a Pecho
  • Innovative strategies for cervical cancer prevention: The case of Peru. Prof. Patricia García, School of Public Health, Cayetano Heredia University, Peru
  • Reflections and commentary.Dr. Luis Santini, Coordinator of the Latin American Network of National Cancer Institutes
  • Discussion with participants
  • Conclusions and closure. Ms.Silvana Luciani

World Cancer Day 2018

World Cancer Day February 4 2018