The Health Promotion and Social Determinants Unit focuses on the conditions surrounding people in their daily lives that lead to better or worse health outcomes. These conditions can be physical, economic, social, commercial, or even political in nature. They tend to be linked to inequalities that also create adverse outcomes in other areas, such as consumption, education, or employment. They are also often under the authority of other sectors, such as transportation, urban planning or working conditions. This unit supports countries in identifying how these conditions relate to priority health issues, and taking concrete action to address them in sustainable ways. The Health Promotion and Social Determinants of Health Unit is working with countries to build capacity to monitor, analyze and make policy decisions based on factors outside of the traditional health sector. Our work incorporates themes including Workers' Health, Consumers' Health, Social Determinants of Health, Health Promotion, Health in All Policies and Urban Health. We focus on collaboration with multiple sectors and tiers of government, to support settings - both physical and social - that foster more equitable opportunities for health and wellbeing for all.