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Washington, DC, February 23, 2018 (PAHO / WHO) - The Pan American Health Organization, together with the Ministry of Health of Panama, advanced in the development of actions to strengthen health services networks in different regions of the country.

The Productive Management Methodology for Health Services (PMMHS) offers different tools aimed at this objective, and its actions are coordinated by the Health Services Provision Agency of the Ministry of Health of Panama.

Initially, the PMMHS methodology will be applied in six Panamanian hospitals: Hospital Santo Tomás and Hospital del Niño, reference institutions at the national level; Obaldia Hospital, Rafael Estévez Hospital, Aquilino Tejeira Hospital and Rafael Hernández Hospital, as hospitals of regional category in Panama.

During one week, teams from the hospitals and PAHO-made up of managers from healthcare and administrative areas-participated in activities to develop a cost model and define results indicators. These will allow monitoring compliance with the defined goals in the hospitals' action plans, and the construction of efficiency patterns in the provision of health services.

Building a results assessment model, based on productivity, efficiency, performance and costs, requires the definition of production centers, measurement of the use of human resources, consumption of inputs and materials, and the definition of expenses and productivity. All this information is coordinated with the information systems of hospitals, such as the ISTMO (Integration and Technological Solutions of the Operational Management Model), from the Ministry of Finance of Panama.

The work plan contemplates having an analysis of the hospitals in a period of six months and the integration of the process to the health service networks, expanding the coverage of the information system and analysis model to networks results.

Over the past year, more than 200 managers of the hospitals were trained in topics related to productive management of health services, cost management and beds management. Also, health personnel were trained to apply the Values ??of Essential Conditions- VCE tool, and to create plans to improve processes and patient care.

Improving the management capacity of hospital teams contributes to expand access to comprehensive, quality, and individuals and communities centered health services to advance towards universal health in the region of the Americas. Links of interest