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WHTD 2018 ENGWorld Hypertension Day is observed every May 17th in order to raise awareness and promote hypertension prevention, detection and control. High blood pressure is the main risk factor to develop cardiovascular disease.

"Know your numbers" is the theme for this year. Its purpose is to raise awareness worldwide about the importance of knowing what is your blood pressure measurement.

The Pan American Health Organization joins the World Hypertension League efforts to mark World Hypertension Day with the organization of two webinars for healthcare workers. We have also developed a series of graphic materials that can be downloaded and shared in social media networks.


PAHO/WHO works with member states and its partners to improve programs for the control of hypertension, to promote policies that favor prevention and projects that contribute to the training and updating of health personnel, especially at the primary care level.

As part of the training activities for health professionals, we have organized the following webinars, aimed health professionals working or coordinating hypertension programs.

Wednesday 16 May. "Know your numbers"

 webinar publication eng

We will present "Monitoring and evaluation framework for hypertension control programs", a new tool developed by PAHO in collaboration with the World Hypertension League.

To get the agenda, register and get the virtual links, click on the image above or in this link

Wednesday 23 May. "Core medications for hypertension"

webinar medications eng

We will discuss the core medications for hypertension management and control. Information on the agenda and the links to connect will be soon available.

Healthy hearts

Learn about the experience in Matanzas, Cuba, where the implementation of the HEARTS  initiative in one of its polyclinics has managed to increase the number of people who know they have high blood pressure and the number of them who have it under control.

Read more


"Por el corazón de América" campaign

PAHO is collaborating with the Inter American Society of Cardiology (SIAC) in the launching of their campaign "Por el corazón de América", through their Community Council.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about hypertension and to promote activities for the detection and control high blood pressure.

Through this campaign, the national chapters of the cardiology societies in all the countries in the Americas are invited to mobilized their members to conduct community events engaging health teams, schools, clubs and institutions, from  17 to 23 May.

PAHO is sharing advocacy materials to create a unified message to mark World Hypertension Day.

More information

siac comunidad


Social media materials


Card 1: World Hypertension Day



Card 2: How is your blood pressure?


WHTD 2018 card info1

Card 3: Hypertension is a risk factor for...


WHTD 2018 card risks

Card 4: Recommendations to reduce your risk of hypertension


WHTD 2018 card reduce

Facebook cover


WHD2018 facecover eng

Twitter cover


WHD2018 twitter cover eng

Virtual courses on hypertension control and secondary prevention

1) Management of arterial hypertension for primary care teams  


2) Secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases

imagen-final prevencion secundaria

3) Prevention and management of chronic kidney disease for teams of the primary care

banner curso enf renal ES

Note: all the courses are available only in Spanish, except the third one which is also in Portuguese.