This document summarizes the rationale for the parameters and conditions that should be taken into consideration in the education and selection of blood donors, in the level of detail that should allow blood service staff, community volunteers and prospective blood donors to understand them.

In addition, the document includes recommendations made by PAHO to the national health authorities and the national blood programs in order to promote multidisciplinary and coordinated approaches for health promotion, public education, universal and regional human and patient rights —as applicable to blood donors and recipients—, quality assurance and financial efficiency in the issues pertaining to sufficiency, availability, access, quality, safety, and timeliness of blood for transfusion.  It is important to keep in mind that these recommendations should be reevaluated when additional information or evidence becomes available.
 Elegibilidad para la donación de sangre

Elegibilidad para la Donación de Sangre. Recomendaciones para la Educación y la Selección de Donantes Potenciales de Sangre  (2009)

 Eligibilidad para doaçao de sangue

Elegibilidade para doação de sangue. Rcomendações para Educação e Seleção de Doadores de Sangue Potenciais (2009)


 Eligibilite pour le don du sang

pdf Eligibilité pour le don du sang: Recommandations pour l'éducation et la sélection des candidats  (2009)

 Elibibility for blood donation

pdf Eligibility for Blood Donation: Recommendations for Education and Selection of Prospective Blood Donors   (2009)

PAHO/WHO Scientific and Technical Material for Blood Services