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Health professionals are essential for the prevention of cervical cancer

The efforts to prevent cervical cancer are everyone's responsibility, but the health care workers have an essential role, both in the implementation of immunization, screening and treatment services, as well as in the promotion of these services among women and the entire community.

The first step to communicate is to have accurate and adequate information. This section offers health professionals, especially primary care teams, a series of resources to stay informed and up-to-date on the strategies available for the establishment of successful programs of HPV vaccination and screening and treatment of precancerous lesions.

Comprehensive cervical cancer control. A guide to essential practice.

The guide gives a broad vision of what a comprehensive approach to cervical cancer prevention and control means. In particular, it outlines the complementary strategies for comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control and highlights the need for collaboration across programs, organizations, and partners.


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Integrating HPV testing in Cervical Cancer Screening Programs. A manual for program managers.

This guide provides up-to-date information on HPV testing, to facilitate strengthening cervical cancer screening programs. It describes the scientific evidence and recommendations for HPV testing, the characteristics of available HPV tests, practical laboratory information, and communicating results about HPV testing. It also includes a summary of the experiences and lessons from some countries that have introduced HPV testing into national cervical cancer programs.


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Virtual course on comprehensive cervical cancer control.

This is a free course aimed at health sector workers directly involved in the management of cervical cancer. It is especially useful for medical and nursing teams working at the primary care level and for students in programs such as medicine, nursing, and public health. Managers of health programs can also benefit from this course.

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How human papilloma virus vaccine works


Monitoring the side-effects of the human papilloma virus vaccine