Stand highlights the importance of effective communication in achieving positive health outcomes and wellbeing

Washington, D.C., 25 September 2018 (PAHO/WHO) – Communication for Health, or C4H, refers to the communication principles and processes that inform and influence the behavior and attitudes necessary to achieve positive public health outcomes at the individual, community and social levels.

The importance of this was highlighted this week at a stand at the PAHO Headquarters during the Organization’s 56th Directing Council, which brings together health minisiters and high-level officials from the Region of the Americas.

At the stand, visitors were encouraged to participate in an interactive game to reflect on the importance of effective, focused communication in changing behavior and improving health outcomes.

This game highlighted some of the main principles of C4H, including credibility, relevance, opportunity, understanding, accessibility and viability.

The six steps necessary for effective health communication were also emphasized at the stand. These include the importance of understanding the potential of communication for preventive medicine, primary care and disaster response; the need to examine the potential causes of disease; the importance of analyzing the stages of change to best ensure behavior change; and the need to better understanding target audiences.

Communication for Health booth