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sistemas info rrhh oct 2018

Washington D.C., 17 October, 2018 (PAHO/WHO)- Fifty participants from 16 countries of the Americas participated at the workshop on Information Systems on Human Resources for Health, which took place at Washington D.C., from 15 to 17 October 2018. The meeting focused on the World Health Organization National Health Workforce Accounts (WHO/NHWA), the Migration of Human Resources for Health and WHO’s Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel.

The participants included delegates from the Ministry of Health responsible for human resources for health planning and experts in human resources for health from the region, who gathered to learn about the modules and requirements of the NHWA, and to identify existing data sources on human resources for health at the country level, including data flows, strengths, and weaknesses.

“We need to strengthen strategic planning capacity in human resources for health in the Americas, through the development of national human resources information systems that include the analysis of professional mobility and forecasting of current and future needs”, said James Fitzgerald, Director of the Department of Health Systems and Services at PAHO.

“National information systems that monitor and evaluate human resources for health are key to support decision-making, and to formulate and implement long-term strategies” said Fernando Menezes, Unit Chief, Human Resources for Health, and coordinator of the workshop.

Khassoum Diallo and Teena Kunjumen, from the WHO Health Workforce, delivered a workshop on the process of data collection for reporting on the online platform NHWA. During the three-day meeting participants also determined strategies for the implementation of the NHWA in countries.

Ibadat Dhillon, Technical Officer, WHO Health Workforce, presented information on the Code of Practice and lessons learned from the recent International Health Worker Mobility meeting that took place on the 13-14 September 2018 at WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The workshop was organized by the Human Resources for Health Unit of the Department of Health Systems and Services, and responded to the Plan of Action on Human Resources for Universal Health 2018-2023 agreed by health authorities from the Americas at the PAHO 56 Directing Council.