Ministry of Health and PAHO Country Offices

  Country Name Position
1 Belize Dr. Job Joseph PAHO Focal Point
2 Bolivia Dr. Alfonso Tenorio PAHO Focal Point
3 Brazil Mr. Cassio R. Leonel Peterka Coordinator of the National Malaria Prevention and Control Program (PNCM)
4 Brazil Dr. Sheila Rodovalho PAHO National Consultant
5 Colombia Dr. Jonathan Novoa PAHO National Consultant
6 Costa Rica Dr. Adriana Alfaro Najera Officer of the Directorate of Health Surveillance
7 Costa Rica Dr. Gabriela Rey PAHO Focal Point
8 Costa Rica Dr. Enrique Perez PAHO Focal Point
9 Dominican Republic Dr. Grey Idalia Benoit Epidemiological Surveillance, CECOVEZ
10 Ecuador Dr. Hector R.Veloz PAHO National Consultant
11 French Guiana Dr. Edouard Hallet Internal Public Health and Social Medicine
12 Barbados Dr. Jean Marie Rwangabwoba  PAHO Focal Point
13 Guyana Dr. Horace Cox Director of Vector Control Services of the Ministry of Health of Guyana
14 Guyana Dr. Jean Seme Alexandre PAHO Focal Point
15 Guatemala Dr. Romeo Montoya PAHO Focal Point
16 Guatemala Dr. Ricardo Rosales PAHO National Consultant
17 Haiti Dr. Frantz Lemoine Coordinator of the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP)
18 Haiti Dr. Jean Denis Gladzdin PAHO National Consultant
19 Honduras Dr. Rosa E. Mejía PAHO National Consultant
20 Mexico Dr. Hector Olguín Head of the Malaria Program of the Ministry of Health of Mexico
21 Mexico Dr. Jose Cruz Director of Epidemiological Surveillance of the Ministry of Health of Mexico
22 Mexico Mr. Federico Zumaya PAHO National Consultant
23 Mexico Dr. Maria Jesus Sanchez PAHO Focal Point
24 Nicaragua Dr. Guillermo Gonzalvez PAHO Focal Point
25 Nicaragua Dr. Marta Reyes Alvarez Director General of Surveillance for Health of the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua
26 Panama Dr. Lizbeth Cerezo Focal Point of the Strategic Plan for the Elimination of Malaria of the Ministry of Health of Panama
27 Panama Dr. Manuel Mancheno PAHO International Consultant
28 Peru Dr. Karim Pardo Official of the General Directorate of Strategic Interventions in Public Health
29 Peru Dr. Monica Guardo PAHO Focal Point
30 Suriname Dr. Helen Hiwat Coordinator of the National Malaria Program
31 Suriname Dr. Oscar Lapouble PAHO Focal Point
32 Venezuela Dr. Magda Magris PAHO National Consultant
33 Venezuela Dr. Daniel Vargas PAHO International Consultant

Non-Government Organizations and Multilateral Institutions

  Country Name Position
34 Panama Dr. Emma Iriarte Executive Secretary of Mesoamerica Health Initiative and Regional Initiative for the Elimination of Malaria in Mesoamerica and the Dominican Republic (IREM) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
35 Panama Mr. Edison Soto Consultant of IREM, IDB
36 Panama Dr. Alvaro Gonzalez Coordinator of the Mesoamerica Health Initiative (ISM) – IREM, IDB
37 Washington, DC Dr. Keith Carter Independent Consultant, IDB
38 Panama Mr. Mauricio Dinarte Technical Officer ISM-IREM, IDB
39 Atlanta, USA Dr. Kumar V. Udhayakumar    Head of the Laboratory Research and Development Unit, Malaria Section, Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
40 Atlanta, USA Dr. Alexandre Macedo de Oliveira  Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria, CDC
41 Washington, DC Ms. Rebecca Minneman Malaria Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
42 Geneva, Switzerland Ms. Annelise Hirschmann Regional Manager of Latin America and the Caribbean, The Global Fund
43 Geneva, Switzerl Ms. Yira Tavarez Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region, The Global Fund
44 Geneva, Switzerland Mr. Yamil Silva Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region, The Global Fund
45 Panama Mr. Sebastian Salvador Regional Program Manager for Mesoamerica, CHAI
46 Geneva, Switzerland Ms. Charlotte Rasmussen Coordinator of Drug Efficacy and Response of the Global Malaria Program, World Health Organization
47 Washington, DC Dr. Luis G. Castellanos Unit Chief of Neglected, Tropical and Vector Borne Diseases, PAHO
48 Washington, DC Dr. Roberto Montoya Regional Advisor for the Malaria Program, PAHO
49 Washington, DC Dr. Maria Paz Ade Advisor of Diagnosis and Management of Malaria Supplies, PAHO
50 Washington, DC Dr. Blanca Escribano Advisor, Malaria Elimination, PAHO
51 Washington, DC Dr. Rainier Escalada Advisor on Policies, Advocacy and Malaria Capacity Building, PAHO
52 Washington, DC Dr. Prabhjot Singh Specialist in Malaria Surveillance, PAHO
53 Washington, DC Mr. Eric Ndofor PAHO Consultant
54 Washington, DC Ms. Janina Chavez Administrative Assistant, PAHO