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Panama City, 22-23 October. - A two-day workshop was organized with the purpose of following up on the substance use cooperation program that PAHO/WHO is carrying out with the Mental Health Program of the Ministry of Public Health and the National Commission for the Study and Prevention of Drugs (CONAPRED, for its acronym in Spanish). Representatives of the Integrated Health Network and the Mental Health Program of the Ministry of Health, Panama’s Social Security Fund, the Mental Health Institute (INSAM, for its acronym in Spanish) and various private institutions, especially from CREA Homes and other non-governmental organizations that deliver treatment to problematic substance users participated in the workshop.

pan drogas 1Dr. Carmen Martínez, Subegional Advisor on Mental Health, and Dr. Luis Alfonzo, Regional Advisor on Substance Use, both from PAHO/WHO, and the Head of Panama's Mental Health Program, Dr. Ricardo Gotti, facilitated the workshop. It was focused on the analysis of substance use problems and resources in two locations in Panama City (Panama North and Metropolitan Region), selected as pilot sites for the development of a comprehensive care network project for problematic substance users, including detection and early intervention programs, diagnosis, outpatient and residential treatment, coordinated by the Mental Health Program and CONAPRED.