Peru SM

Lima, 26-27 November. - The training of trainers in the World Health Organization (WHO) mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) was carried out with the purpose of strengthening primary mental health care capacities at a regional level and preparing mental health specialized professionals of Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela to replicate this training with non-specialized professionals and offer the necessary support in their countries.

The training was provided by Dr. Andrea Bruni, PAHO/WHO Subregional Advisor on Mental Health and Substance Use. Dr. Claudia Ugarte Taboada, Vice Minister of Public Health, and Dr. Yuri Cutipé Cárdenas, Mental Health Director at the Ministry of Health, also participated.

During the workshop, the trained personnel showed their interest in the awareness tools, especially the mhGAP Intervention guide (GI-mhGAP) and their willingness to replicate this training later. The mhGAP programme seeks to decentralize mental health care and integrate it into primary care for reducing the treatment gap. The Intervention guide provides a wide range of evidence-based recommendations that allow non-specialized health professionals to offer quality care.

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