Mexico City, 5-6 December. – The TAG’s second meeting was organized with the objective of discussing the progress made in the completion of the first meeting's recommendations, the new regional data on alcohol consumption, the burden of disease, and the implementation of cost-effective public policies, as well as to offer new recommendations for PAHO/WHO's work in 2019.

The group recognized the efforts made in 2018, especially in the area of alcohol indicators, taxes and dissemination of the first meeting´s report in all PAHO/WHO offices and representations. They proposed to continue with the work done and recommended that one of PAHO/WHO’s basic health indicators, total annual alcohol consumption per person 15 years and over (in liters of pure alcohol), be the only indicator for the next strategic plan 2020-2025.

The TAG also recommended to develop a communication strategy for improving the dissemination of alcohol information, support the efforts of civil society and increase PAHO/WHO’s political commitment by promoting alcohol consumption as a priority public health problem.

On December 7, a face-to-face and online international seminar was organized at the Colegio Nacional (National School), with the participation of doctors Maristela Monteiro, Maria Elena Medina Mora and Thomas Babor, as well as professionals from Mexico, CICAD/OAS, and from other countries.