Guyana, in December 2018, and Haiti, in February 2019, became the first two countries in the Region to conduct the Systematic Assessment of Rehabilitation Situation (STARS). STARS is a new tool and one of the components of Rehabilitation in Health Systems – A Guide for Action, launched by WHO in July 2018 to aid the development and implementation of national rehabilitation strategies in health systems. PAHO/WHO can provide these tools to countries and help to implement them.

STARS assesses rehabilitation services as they relate to the health system’s building blocks – governance, human resources, information systems, service delivery, assistance products and financing. Guyana and Haiti will use the STARS assessment to facilitate the development of a national strategic plan on rehabilitation.

At the webinar "Rehabilitation in the Americas – updates from PAHO/WHO," held on 1 October 2018, information was provided on activities and tools being developed and rolled out in the Region of the Americas in conjunction with Rehabilitation 2030, Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE), PAHO/WHO Plan of action on disability and rehabilitation 2014-2019, and WHO global disability action plan 2014-2021. Available at:

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