CD54 10Rev 1-eng pdfPAHO Plan of Action 2015-2025


The goal of this Plan of Action is to strengthen the health sector's response, in coordination with other stakeholder sectors, in order to provide comprehensive workers' health services, improve work environments, increase efforts to promote workers' health, and reduce health inequalities by implementing updated policies, plans, and regulations.

To achieve this goal, Member States will strengthen their technical and institutional capacities; their initiatives to prevent and control the conditions that cause occupational injuries, diseases, and deaths;and the promotion of health and well-being in the workforce. The leadership of the health authorities, in harmony and collaboration with the ministries of labor and other economic sectors, will make it possible to lay the groundwork of health in all policies, close the inequality gaps in workers' health, and improve universal access to health and universal health coverage for all workers.

Global Plan ActionWHO Global Plan of Action 2008-2017


  • To devise and implement policy instruments on workers' health
  • To protect and promote health at the workplace
  • To improve performance and access to occupational health services
  • To provide and communicate evidence for action and practice
  • To incorporate workers' health into other policies

Former Plan of Action on Workers' Health

Resolution CD41.13 of 1999 - results (in Spanish only):