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In the PAHO Chronic Disease Project, one team is dedicated to Diet and Physical Activity as the third of the four mains lines of action in the Regional Strategy for Chronic Disease Prevention, with the objective of promoting social and economic conditions that address the determinants of chronic diseases and empower people to increase control over their health and adopt healthy behaviors. Click below on "Read more ..." to find out more about the program, its activities and products, and its partners.

New Study: Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention: Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity | Spanish version for Latin America

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Request for Proposals: Promising Agriculture & Food Policies and Innovations to Improve Health and Nutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean. This RFP will fund three (3) research proposals that aim to show how existing or potential agriculture and food policies or technological innovations (e.g. biotechnology) can make a contribution to population health and diet with focus on obesity and non-communicable disease in Latin America and the Caribbean. Proposals that incorporate issues of agriculture sustainability, preservation of culinary traditions or promote collaboration between agriculture and public health professionals are particularly encouraged. The policies under scrutiny are expected to show potential or actual population impact on health/nutrition by way of modifying one or some of the following aspects: agriculture and trade policies, food security, food and nutrition policies and consumer behaviors (e.g. food-purchasing behavior and food consumption patterns). The deadline for the submission of proposal is 4 September 2009.
pdf  For details on how to apply, see the Request for Proposals.

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A healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle are the two main ways to prevent chronic disease and to avoid their risk factors.

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Such behaviors are an essential part of an integrated approach for chronic disease prevention and control. The team prioritizes health promotion in such a way as to empower individuals and communities to exercise greater control over their health status and social determinants. To address the need to promote healthy diets and physical activity, the Regional Strategy proposes the following:

  • The promotion and adoption of healthy dietary habits, active lifestyles, and the control of obesity and nutrition-related chronic diseases.
  • The development of public policies, guidelines, institutional changes, communication strategies, and research related to diet and physical activity.
  • Health promotion and disease prevention strategies.
  • A life course perspective that considers health starting with fetal development and continuing into old age.
  • The concerted effort of multiple partners from the health and health-related sectors (e.g. education, civil society, the food industry, civic planners creating spaces for people to exercise and get out and about, etc.).

Diet and Physical Activity