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Washington DC, July 2019 (PAHO / WHO) - The Pan American Health Organization published the updated version of the List of Priority Medical Devices for the First Level of Care according to the needs of the countries of the Americas. In order to reflect the health problems that generate the greatest burden of disease for the population of the Region, the preliminary list was prepared based on a review of the World Health Organization Clinical Practice Guidelines, which was then subjected to a validation process.

Multidisciplinary teams worked on the validation process, as well as workers in the first level of care centers from different countries. Wide-ranging efforts have helped to validate the list in several health centers in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay. During in-country visits, experts evaluated the concordance between the preliminary list and the set of medical devices present in the care centers. The medical devices that did not appear on the list were collected.

While working with different countries, various methods of organization of health services for the first level of care were identified. Some countries organize the first level of certain laboratory practices, dentistry, and diagnostic imaging, while other countries centralize these practices in the second and third levels of care. For the list to adapt to these different methods of organization and health systems of the Region, complementary lists were prepared in this new version. The new modules add to the core list for the first level of care centers.

These complementary modules are as follows:
• Module for dental care
• Module for laboratory practices
• Module for diagnostic imaging

Thus, the modules can be individually selected based on the practices that are planned to be offered in a first level care center.

This updated list now includes 208 medical devices in the core list, 69 in the module for dental care, 30 in the module of diagnostic imaging, and 30 for the laboratory practices module.

“Having a core list of priority medical devices for the first-level of care and a few complementary modules will serve as a reference for health authorities to select devices according to the needs of their country, and will stimulate the rational use of these health technologies" said Analía Porrás, Head of the Unite Medicines and Health Technologies of PAHO / WHO.

The methodology used sought to identify the needs of the Region according to the burden of disease and to reflect the different methods of organization of health services. The methodology used for the preparation of the list consisted of activities organized in four stages: conceptualization, preparation, elaboration, and, validation. Among them, PAHO identified and analyzed the WHO Clinical Guidelines on: Public health emergencies, Non-communicable diseases, Nutrition, Environmental health, Child health, Mental health, Maternal, reproductive and women’s health, Patient safety, Health systems, Communicable diseases, Malaria, Antimicrobial resistance, Tuberculosis, and HIV. Subsequently, the analysis of PAHO-WHO documents on Oral Health and Diagnostic Imaging was incorporated as well as WHO lists and documents on In Vitro Diagnosis, Disability Assistance Products, Medical Devices for Cancer Care and Reproductive Health, Maternal, Neonatal, and Infantile.

Based on these guidelines, priority medical devices for the first level of care were selected, as well as the practices and interventions for which their use would be indicated.

Currently, the list continues its validation process, which will allow knowing the degree of agreement between the list and the medical devices available in the first level of care centers of the health systems of the Region.



  • This list is available in Spanish and English: 

  pdf Lista de dispositivos médicos prioritarios para el primer nivel de atención – Base Principal. (OPS, julio del 2019)

  pdf List of priority medical devices for the first level of care - Main List (PAHO - July 2019)

  • Webinar de RedETSA: Presentación del Listado de dispositivos médicos prioritarios para el primer nivel de atención.  (Only in Spanish).