guyana lymphatic filariasis survey 400In its quest to eliminate lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem by 2023 Guyana has started a remapping survey. The implementation of this survey seeks to provide in-depth information on the geographical distribution of the parasite, as this ensures that all endemic areas are targeted for preventative chemotherapy during the upcoming MDA. Guyana’s last LF survey dates to 2001, almost two decades ago; it is likely that there has been a change in the socio-demographic situation and LF circulation patterns over the years.

The LF remapping survey, started 2018, seeks to estimate the prevalence of LF in primary school children aged 6 to 14 years of Regions I, II, VI, VII, VIII and IX. With the use of Multiplex Bead Assay (MBA) antigens, this survey will also help to determine the epidemiological scenarios of malaria and lymphatic filariasis as it allows for the measuring of the population’s immunity profile in areas with active as well as absent and low transmission. The results of this remapping survey will provide health authorities in Guyana with the needed information to decide on the most effective mass drug administration strategy in its quest to achieve the goal of LF elimination.

GAELF is happy to share the photographs here showing the challenges to achieve their LF remapping survey.

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