Washington, Dec. 20, 2019—The Pan American Health Organization and Airbnb have agreed to collaborate on providing food safety information to the public, using educational materials to promote prevention of foodborne diseases and reduction of food safety risks. 

Airbnb said it “is partnering with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to provide our community with food safety resources such as food safety guidelines, trainings, and general food safety tips.”

In an agreement signed recently, PAHO committed to provide its “5 Keys to Safer Food” materials to Airbnb so it can distribute these materials to Airbnb Experience hosts. 

Airbnb developed Guidelines for Safe Food Handling for Cooking Experiences, based on PAHO’s Five Keys to Safer Food program. 

PAHO will make available to Airbnb hosts educational materials available on PAHO’s Virtual Campus for Public Health “that are targeted to promote a better understanding on food safety risks and the prevention of foodborne diseases.” 

The food safety collaboration will involve PAHO’s food safety program in its PANAFTOSA center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The collaboration will take place over a three-year period.


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