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It presents the mission, objectives and documents.



To promote a common understanding on the types of herbal products, definition of terms used, identification of procedures, and minimum requirements for registration of herbal products towards the harmonization of regulation of herbal medicines, within the framework of the Pan American Network of Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDRH)


1. To create a network for exchange of information on herbal medicines

2. To collect terms used and definitions used for different types of herbal products to come to common understanding and to develop harmonized proposals on herbal medicines

3. To collect terms used and definitions used for different type of registration, procedures related to herbal products, and to come to a proposal for minimum requirement for each type of registration

4. To share experiences of regulatory measures to control the quality of herbal medicines

5. To identify practical mechanisms for harmonizing herbal medicines, particularly regulatory requirements, quality and standards of herbal medicines.

Members of the Working Group on Medical Plants 


    • MERCOSUR: Nelida Soria Rey, Paraguay.
    • ANDEAN COMMUNITY: Martha Cecilia Rodriguez, Colombia.
    • SICA: Benito Soler, Guatemala.
    • CARICOM: Princess Osbourne, Jamaica.
    • NAFTA: Nancy Richards, Canada.
    • ALIFAR: Carlos Silva, Peru.

Alternate Members

    • MERCOSUR: Ana Cecília Bezerra de Carvalho, Brazil.
    • ANDEAN COMMUNITY: Sandra Carrasco, Bolivia.
    • SICA: Pablo Solis, Panama.
    • CARICOM: Elmond Chase-Grant, Barbados.

Secretariat (PAHO/WHO)

    • Victoria De Urioste, Washington, DC.

Directory (PDF - 51Kb)

Work Plan (PDF - 65Kb) 


II Meeting Brazil. March 2006 (PDF - 175 Kb) 

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