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The Workers' Health team is committed to promoting workers' health equity in the Region of the Americas by providing technical assistance through several preventative approaches to: (1) strengthen regulatory frameworks and the leadership of the health sector among Member States; (2) promote workers' health and the development of safe, productive and healthy workplaces; (3) prevent and register diseases, injuries and deaths at work; (4) achieve access to universal health; and (5) support critical economic sectors resulting from the impact they have on workers' health. We have a broad interactivity with work and health stakeholders to implement the Plan of Action on Workers' Health 2015-2025, with an approach on Health in All Policies. Thus, we can respond to the national, regional and global priorities defined by PAHO/WHO for workers' health, as well as to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 1, S DG 3 andSDG 8.

Strategic lines of action

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Make Kindness Contagious

A dozen recommendations about kindness at work.

  1. Start your work day with a SMILE and a "GOOD MORNING!" Everyone appreciates it and is cheered by your morning kindness.
  2. ENJOY each moment of your work day. WORK should give you satisfaction, motivation and happiness; to achieve these, you should always have a POSITIVE attitude.
  3. When you want something, always use the magic words PLEASE and THANK YOU. You'll get more smiles and positive reactions in response.
  4. We all have the right to DIFFERENT OPINIONS. So LISTEN with attention, LOOK your coworkers in the eyes, and answer POLITELY and with ASSURANCE, even when you don't agree.
  5. Do an ACT OF KINDNESS every day, even if no one asks for it. You'll see: the magic of your kindness will be contagious.
  6. When you don't agree with something STOP, take a DEEP BREATH, and THINK before ANSWERING. It will help you keep control of your emotions.
  7. Don't be afraid to APOLOGIZE. We all make mistakes! Acknowledging them makes us humble and whole-hearted.
  8. DIALOGUE is the best way to communicate effectively and transparently. Don't pay attention to gossip; they only disturb your peace and the work environment.
  9. ACKNOWLEDGE the qualifications and work of others by PRAISING your colleague's achievements; they will also learn to acknowledge yours, making a more pleasant work environment.
  10. COLLABORATE with your coworkers; remember you can also need some help!
  11. Avoid JUDGING your colleagues; only they know their inner troubles. Show them RESPECT, and if you can , HELP
  12. them as much as they will allow.
  13. 12. At the end of the day be THANKFUL for the work you have and say GOODBYE with a SMILE to your fellow workers. You'll feel happier and more satisfied when you get home.