Buenos Aires—Argentina will host the first "World Fair of Health and Municipalities: Law, Citizenship and Integrated Local Management for Development," which will run from August 18 to 21 in Buenos Aires. Authorities and experts from many countries will participate in the event, organized by Argentina's Ministry of Health with support from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

World Fair LogoDuring the fair, one of the most important international health events of the year, dozens of "healthy cities" will present many experiences that helped to improve the living conditions of their community. The VIII National Conference of Municipalities and Healthy Communities and the Latin American Seminar on Social Determinants of Health and Public Policy will also happen at the same time.

The main objectives of the Fair are:

  • Promote the strategy of Healthy Towns, Cities and Communities as a platform for the management of public policies aimed at effectively addressing the determinants of health at the local level.
  • Foster discussion and exchange of experiences and knowledge on integrated local management for the effective exercise of the right to health and the construction of citizenship.
  • Strengthen the networking of national, regional and global Healthy Towns, Cities and Communities as a tool for the socialization of knowledge and effective access to information.
  • Promote the use of tools and methodological instruments for local management of public health policies, and projects implemented to address the determinants of health, in order to demonstrate their effectiveness.

The event will take place at the Costa Salguero Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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