PAHO/WHO will offer recognition to the most prominent community member in each of its Communities of Practice on Pandemic (H1N1) 2009: Management of Cases in Clinical Settings and Management of Cases in Family & Community Health Settings. The most prominent community member will be selected based on the quality of interaction and participation; informative, innovative, and valuable contributions to the discussion topics in the discussion forums. The quality of interaction within the community will also be a contributing factor towards the selection of the Prominent Member by the community moderators, facilitators and leaders after the community comes to a close.

The winners will receive a special mention, a PAHO/WHO Certificate of Participation signed and awarded by Dr. Socorro Gross, Assistant Director PAHO/WHO, besides having his/her name, picture and acknowledgement of contribution highlighted in the PAHO/WHO Website. Other registered community members with significant contributions to the discussions will also be highlighted in the site.

Note: There will be one Special Mention of 'The Most Prominent Community Member' in each Community of Practice. Certification (to be mailed to the recipient) and recognition in the PAHO/WHO Website will be followed up within 1 month of the closing date of the CoPs. These CoPs are open to all.

For more information on the CoPs, please visit the PAHO/WHO Website