Washington, D.C., 30 April 2008

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Official Documents | Working Documents

Official Documents
  • Official Document 331
    -  Financial Report of the Director and Report of the External Auditor
    (This document will be discussed during the 142nd Session of the Executive Committee, 23-27 June 2008)

Working Documents

  • SPBA/SS/1
    -  Agenda
  • SPBA2/4*
    Use of Surplus Financial Resources from the 2006-2007 Biennial Program Budget: Preliminary Report and Criteria

  • SPBA2/5*
    Biennial Program Budget 2006-2007 of the Pan American Health Organization: Performance Assessment Report

  • SPBA2/6
    Status of PAHO's Engagement with the WHO Global Management System (GSM)

  • SPBA2/7*
    Programmatic Prioritization and Resource Allocation Criteria

  • SPBA2/8
    Nongovernmental Organizations in Official Relations with PAHO
    (Background document to be sent to the Members of the Subcommittee under confidential cover)

* Documents currently being discussed by the Members of the Subcommittee in Sharepoint. Comments will be submitted to the 142nd Session of the Executive Committee.