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Article Index

What is it?

ECONMED is an electronic bilingual (ESP/ENG) listserv managed and moderated by the Medicines and Technology Unit (MT) within the Area of Health Systems Based on Primary Care (HSS). It constitutes yet another effort by MT, and by extension the Organization, to simultaneously contribute to the visibility of those factors currently shaping the main challenges to guarantee universal access to medical products and keep on feeding the information flow and exchange among member States and other relevant actors.

In its one-year existence ECONMED has revealed itself as a cost-effective tool for, among other functions, keeping the institutional bond between face-to-face meetings (and follow up on them) and reporting to the Member States on the progress of certain projects (regional bank of prices) and given activities (impact assessment of CAFTA DOR agreement within the implementation of the Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation, and Intellectual Property (GSPA) in the Americas, through the Regional Perspective.

Why was it created?

Setting up and in motion ECONMED was one of the demands among the conclusions of the First International Seminar on Economic Regulation of the Drug jointly organized between PAHO and Brazil's National Agency for Health Surveillance (ANVISA).

ECONMED's creation lays upon the need for countering one of the main features (and difficulties for public health authorities) of pharmaceutical markets both at the sub regional and regional levels: the acute deficit of reliable and impartial information of good quality on prices of medical products and other essential factors for the planning, designing and execution of efficient and effective pharmaceutical policies.

Who can participate?

ECONMED is, for the time being, a tool reserved exclusively for public officials from the health sector (ministries, research centers, associated institutions, etc…) although the participation of other actors is encouraged: institutes of intellectual property, specialized agencies, etc...

At the moment (May 2010) nearly 170 individuals from Regulatory Authorities, Ministries of Health and other institutions participate in ECONMED distributed among 28 countries. It is sought, both in the composition of the list and in the distribution of materials that the diversity of our America is being adequately represented.


ECONMED is currently trying to build up opportunities for the dialogue and create spaces for the exchange of information and best practices between national actors both at the regional and sub regional scale. It is intended to facilitate the conditions to promote the sharing of experiences and disseminations of materials centered on the economic and legal regulation of medical products and the overall health situation of the region.

In the mid-term ECONMED seeks to contribute towards the creation of collaborative networks in the region while supporting the effort of the Regional Platform on Innovation, Access, and Pharmaceutical Policies as well as the consolidation of the Regional Bank of Prices. It is, in short, an integrating element of efforts and processes.

ECONMED does not exist without the people (and associated institutions) that compose it and actively participate in the transmission and exchange of t information. Active involvement of all ECONMED participants is critical for an optimal use of the list in order to achieve the ultimate goal of such an instrument: going beyond the current unilateral distribution of information, basis for the access to knowledge gap hurting our region.


With flexible periodicity ECONMED expresses itself mainly through four elements, with only one of them of exclusive access for registered members:


Papers and academic contributions published in specialized and peer-reviewed journals on subjects of interest for the region and related to ECONMED's raison d'être produced by individuals (academics or health professionals) of the Americas.

  • Tobar, F The disease as catastrophe. health volume 5, issue 22. August 2010:60-63.

pdf  document (179.45 kB)

  • Gonzalez, B Incorporation of new technologies, health, and health expenditure. health volume  5, Issue 21, April  2010: 31-36. 

          pdf   pdf document (98.84 kB)   pdf

  • Collazo, M et al Impacto económico-social de la terapia antirretroviral de producción nacional para el VIH/Sida en Cuba PharmacoEconomics - Spanish Research Articles; 6 (1), 2009.

(link to article)

  • Milanés Roldán, M.T. et al Análisis costo-efectividad del protocolo de tratamiento para la leucemia linfoide aguda infantil en Cuba Rev Esp Econ Salud 2009; 8 (2): 106-114.

(link to article)

  • Curcio, P Incentivos y desincentivos de la industria farmacéutica privada para la I+D de nuevos medicamentos Cad. Saúde Pública, Río de Janeiro, 24(10):2363-2375, out, 2008.

(link to article)

  • Sources and Prices of Selected Medicines for Children: Including therapeutic food, dietary vitamin and mineral supplementation; 2nd edition, April 2010.

pdf  document (2.65 MB)  


Set of information generated by the Secretariat of ECONMED

July 2011

pdf  Virtual training Patents and access to information tools (61.43 kB)

June 2011

pdf  Access to Medicines, Patent Information and Freedom to Operate (35.34 kB)

pdf  Recording of the session: results of the Conceptual (Legal and Institutional) Map on Public Health (47.75 kB)

pdf  Policies of Health and Progresses in Patent Information (41.92 kB)

May 2011

pdf  First WHO working session: Consultative Expert Group on Research and Development: Financing and Coordination (CEWG)  

April 2011

pdf  Virtual training session on access and use Brasil's Bank of Health Prices in Health (BPS)

March 2011

pdf  United Nations Development Program "Good Practice Guide: Improving Access to Treatment by Utilizing Public Health Flexibilities in the WTO TRIPS Agreement" 

February 2011

pdf  Discussions on counterfeit mecial products at the WHO in Geneva

pdf  Medicines patent pool initiative

December 2010

pdf  The growing role of courts on public health policies

November 2010

pdf  Consultation/ Demand for the Projected Regional Strategy for Generic Medicines (HSS/MT)

pdf  Final note of ECONMED on PAHO 50o Directing Council

October 2010

pdf  ECONMED Follow up on the 50o Directing Council of PAHO

pdf  50º Directing Council of PAHO and 62nd Session of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas

September 2010

pdf  A guide to health economic evaluations

August 2010 

pdf  Articles: Illness as catastrophe and Incorporation of new technologies, health and health expenditure

pdf  Prices and conditions. Soluble Insulin

July 2010

pdf  Report on the First Session of the Working Group of PANDRH on Biotechnological Products

pdf  Recent Developments in the Field of Regulation of Biological Products

June 2010

pdf  Prices of Antiretroviral Drugs. Strategic Fund

April 2010

pdf  Guide: "Sources and Prices of Selected Medicines for Children"

pdf  Report: Molecules with Medicines Patents in Brazil

March 2010

pdf  Management policy and coverage of expensive medicines.

pdf  National Pricing Comission of Medicines (CNPM) in Colombia (26.23 kB)


February 2010

pdf  Study:Characterizacion of The National Pharmaceutical Sector. El Salvador 2009 

January 2010

pdf  Study: Evaluation of the impact of the provisions ADPIC + on the institutional medicine market in Costa Rica