The Seminar on "Guidelines for the Examination of Pharmaceutical Patents: A Perspective from Public Health " was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 31st. The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Health of the Nation Argentina, within the framework of the activities of the Commission of Policy of drugs (CIPMM-EA) of MERCOSUR (and Associated States). The event had the presence of representatives of the health authorities of Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina itself. PAHO was invited to share the progress of the project of the Conceptual Map on Public Health and Intellectual Property (MC SPPI) within the framework of its work on the management and application of the intellectual property rights from a perspective of Public Health. 
The activity tried to respond to challenges related to the need of reviewing related the criteria that are used to grant patents as the proliferation of the same on pharmaceutical products, the insufficient degree of research and development, and the difficulties in making effective the transfer of innovative technology efficiently in order to serve the epidemiological needs of the region. The principal objective being to strengthen the specific technical capability in the members of the CIPMM-EA within the framework of the implementation of the Overall Strategy on Public Health, Innovation, and Intellectual Property (EGPA) in the Americas (through the Perspective Regional Resolution CD. 48R15). It was the goal also to socialize information that makes it possible for the members of the Commission to understand the criteria used for grant patents, evaluating their possible impact on public health; facilitating a better communication with the members of the agencies of intellectual property
The seminar had the participation of Dr. Carlos Maria Correa of the University of Buenos Aires, author of the report "Guidelines for the Examination of pharmaceutical patents" that gave a presentation on the Definition of the patentability standards: Flexibility of the Agreement on the TRIPS, paying special attention to the opposition which is previous and after the granting of the patent and to the set of standards and procedures established for the patent examination. Jaume Vidal, on the part of PAHO-MT shared with l@s participating the development of the project of the MC SPPI through a presentation that linked the project with the effort of PAHO in order to link the needs for access with the opportunities for the innovation to traves of a management and application of the intellectual property rights from Public Health perspective. Dr. Graciela Moltrasio de la Facultad of Pharmacy of the University of Buenos Aires made a presentation on the typical demands of inventions pharmaceutical analyzing formulations and compositions, combinations, matters of dosage, salts (asi as etéres and esters) and especially the matter of the polymorphic and the called demands Markush. Dr. Albertina Moglionide la Cátedra of Medicinal Chemistry also in the FFB of the UBA issued a conference on the issues related to the concepts of new development and height resourcefulness, keys for the granting of patents with mention to elements such as the strategies to discover new drugs or to optimize those already existing, the importance of the pro drugs or the increase of the importance of the drugs // chiral. Concluding the day Dr. Agustión Ubieta Agente of the Industrial and teaching Property of the FFB gave a presentation on the procedure of acquisition of a patent and the characteristics and requirements of of each one of the stages. 
There was distributed the publication of PAHO-ICSTD on impact of the application of the CAFTA-DOR on the institutional pharmaceutical market in Costa Rica and the results of the World Survey on Access to Drugs (2007) for the Americas and Caribbean.