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The Immunization Newsletter is published in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese by the Comprehensive Family Immunization Unit of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization (WHO). Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information concerning immunization programs in the Region, in order to promote greater knowledge of the problems faced and their possible solutions. Prior to 2015, the Immunization Newsletter was published every two months, but it is currently being published quarterly.

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Forty years of the Immunization Newsletter (1979 - 2019)

Immunization Newsletter celebrates 40 years and is now available in Portuguese!
May 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Immunization Newsletter! Started by Ciro de Quadros and PAHO´s Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), the first issue of the Immunization Newsletter was published in English and Spanish in May 1979. Over the past decades, the Newsletter´s audience has grown to reach 7,000 people across 138 countries all over the world.

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  • EPIv41n42019 eng

    In this issue: 40 Years of Smallpox Eradication | What I Have Learned...By Dr. Akira Homma | Advancing toward the Elimination of Hepatitis B in 5- to 10-year-old Children in High-risk Areas of Colombia | VacunateRD, the Immunization Program in the Dominican Republic Taking a Step towards Innovation in Social Communication | Seven Frequently Asked Questions on the Hepatitis B Vaccine Birth Dose | Poliomyelitis Was Defeated in the Americas 25 Years Ago | Dominican Republic Introduces Vaccination with the Tdap Vaccine among Pregnant Women | First Consultation to Develop New Information System for the Epidemiological Surveillance of Vaccine-preventable Diseases | Final Classification of Cases in the Region of the Americas, 2019.)

  • SNE4103IN THIS ISSUE: XXV Meeting of the Pan American Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group on Vaccine preventable Diseases is Celebrated in Colombia; Update on the Regional Immunization Program; Monitoring and Re-verifying Measles, Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) Elimination in the Americas; Update on the Progress towards Polio Eradication; In Memoriam: Dr. Reinaldo de Menezes Martins, Physician and Professor (1936-2019)

  • SNE4102IN THIS ISSUE: The Cold Chain; What I Have Learned from the Immunization Newsletter; Vaccination Week in the Americas 2019; PAHO’s Technical Cooperation in the Cold Chain Motivates Countries to Reach Objectives of the Region’s Immunization Programs; Using Electronic Immunization Registries to Improve Vaccination Coverage and Timeliness: Experience of the City of Villa María in Córdoba, Argentina.

  • SNE4101 IN THIS ISSUE: Regional Monitoring Commission on Measles and Rubella Post-Elimination Meets at PAHO; PAHO and PATH Launch New Resource to Improve Data Use for Immunization; Three Myths about Influenza Vaccination; School Health Activities in Argentina to Maintain Measles Elimination; Table 1. Prices for Vaccines Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2019; Table 2. Prices for Syringes Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2019; What I Have Learned about Vaccination against Seasonal Influenza and Pandemic Preparedness... by Alba Maria Ropero A.

  • SNE4004IN THIS ISSUE: Introduction of PCV13 among Children under 1 Year Discussed at Meeting in Haiti; Assessing Risk for Measles, Rubella and Polio; Caribbean Measles Outbreak Response and Immunization Program Management Workshops; Dengue Vaccine; Guidance for Testing of Measles and Rubella in the Laboratory Network of the Region of the Americas; Second Meeting of the Maternal and Neonatal Immunization Group; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data, Final Classification, 2017-20188; What I Have Learned in the Era of Post-Certification of Measles Elimination in the Americas…by Desiree Pastor
  • SNE4003IN THIS ISSUE: The Challenge of Maintaining the Elimination of Measles in the Americas, 2017-2018; In Memoriam: Anthony Burton; PAHO Publishes Electronic Immunization Registry: Practical Considerations for Planning, Development, Implementation and Evaluation

  • SNE4002IN THIS ISSUE: HPV Vaccine: Lessons Learned in the Region of the Americas; Vaccination Week in the Americas 2018 Launches in the Region; Caribbean Immunization Technical Advisory Group Launches in the Region of the Americas; Haiti Eliminates Neonatal Tetanus; The Elephant in the Room: Vaccine Hesitancy vs. Moral Obligation to Get Vaccinated; Characteristics of the Recent Diphtheria Outbreaks in the Americas; The Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions about Diphtheria; What I Have Learned about Introducing the HPV Vaccine in Colombia... by Diego Alejandro Garcia

  • SNE4001IN THIS ISSUE: Implementation of Fractional Doses of the Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine; Strengthening Immunization Program Management and Data Quality with Electronic Immunization Registries in the Caribbean; Pan American Journal of Public Health Publishes Issue on Immunization in the Americas; Sentinel Surveillance of Pneumonia and Bacterial Meningitis in Peru’s Pediatric Emergency Hospital; Workshop on Rapid Responses to Yellow Fever Outbreaks in Peru; PAHO Publishes Tools for Monitoring the Coverage of Integrated Public Health Interventions; Table 1. Prices for Vaccines Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2018; Table 2. Prices for Syringes Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2018-2019; What I Have Learned... by Gladys Ghisays
  • SNE3904 IN THIS ISSUE: December Regional Meetings and Workshops held in Peru; Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccination in the Americas; Perspectives on the Sustainability of Immunization Programs in the Americas; Strengthening Management of the Cold and Supply; Chains in the Americas; Improving Access and Timely Supply of Vaccines/Syringes through the PAHO Revolving Fund; Strengthening the Decision Making Capacity of National Immunization Programs; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data, Final Classification, 2016; Celebrating Leaders of Polio Eradication in the Americas.
  • SNE3903IN THIS ISSUE: XXIV Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Vaccinepreventable Diseases; Mid-term Report on Achieving the Goals of the Regional Immunization Action Plan (RIAP); Update on Polio and Progress towards the Final Phase of Eradication; Meningococcal Vaccine Use in the Routine Immunization Program; Plan of Action for Sustaining the Elimination of Measles and Rubella in the Americas; Letter from Dr. Fernando Muñoz, winner of the PAHO Immunization Award 2017, thanking PAHO Director Dr. Carissa Etienne
  • SNE3902 IN IN THIS ISSUE: Yellow Fever Outbreak in Brazil, December 2016- May 2017; Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Chile; Vaccination Week in the Americas Celebrates 15 Years; PAHO Publishes Maternal and Neonatal Immunization Field Guide for Latin America and the Caribbean; The Caribbean Prepares to Introduce the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in the Routine Schedule; NITAG Launches in Haiti; What is a Fractional Dose of IPV?; What I Have Learned... by Doctor Teodoro Carrada Bravo
  • SNE3901 IN THIS ISSUE: Evaluation of Ecuador’s National Immunization Strategy; PAHO Holds ad hoc TAG Meeting to Discuss IPV Shortage; How to Face the Global IPV Shortage; Estimating the Contagiousness of a Disease with the Basic Reproduction Number; Vaccination against Yellow Fever in Paraguay; Prices for Vaccines Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2017; Prices for Syringes Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2016-2017; COLUMN: What I Have Learned... by Dr. Papa Coumba Faye
  • SNE3804IN THIS ISSUE: Strengthening Immunization Records in Peru with the ODK Mobile App; Analyzing vaccination coverage in the Region of the Americas, 2011–2015; The Switch in the Americas: a Video-Documentary; Re-introducing the Birth Dose of the Hepatitis B Vaccine in St. Kitts and Nevis; The Joint Reporting Form; 32nd Caribbean EPI Managers Meeting; The Steps of the JRF for 2017; COLUMN: What I Have Learned... by Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell
  • SNE3803IN THIS ISSUE: Region of the Americas is Declared Free of Measles; Smallpox Zero: A Tribute to Dr. Donald A. Henderson; Questions and Answers on Measles Elimination; Eliminating Measles: A Conversation among Experts; Remembering the Moment: Measles Elimination in the Region; Workshop on High-Quality Follow-Up Campaigns for Measles and Rubella Conducted in Peru; 25 Years without Polio in the Americas; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data, Final Classification, 2015; COLUMN: What I Have Learned... by Dr. Susan Reef
  • SNE3802IN THIS ISSUE: Preparation and Development of the Polio Switch in Colombia; XXIV Ad Hoc Meeting of PAHO's Technical Advisory Group on Vaccine-preventable Diseases; Global IPV Supply Situation: How to Manage the Limited IPV Supply and Deal with Potential Stockouts; Regional Meeting on Electronic Immunization Registries; Regional Sentinel Surveillance Workshop on Bacterial Pneumonia, Bacterial Meningitis and Rotavirus; PAHO's ProVac Initiative Launches New Tools in Regional Training Workshop; Documenting the Progress Made and Remaining Gaps in Immunization Decision-Making; COLUMN: What I Have Learned... by Dr. Ida Berenice Molina
  • SNE3801IN THIS ISSUE: Upcoming Celebration of Vaccination Week in the Americas 2016; Paraguay Prepares to be the First Country in the Region to Undergo the Polio Switch; National Polio Outbreak Preparedness and Response Plans; Video Resources to Support the Polio Switch; Strengthening Capacities for the Measuring, Analysis and Monitoring of Social Inequalities in Immunizations in the Dominican Republic; Grenada Transitions to an Electronic Immunization Information System; Nicaragua and Honduras Score High on EVM Assessments; Meeting of the Regional Measles and Rubella Laboratory Network in Ecuador; Regional Meeting on Seasonal Influenza Vaccination in the Americas Held in Chile; Prices for Vaccines Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2016; Prices for Syringes Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2016-2017; COLUMN: What I Have Learned... by Irene Leal Sánchez
  • SNE3704IN THIS ISSUE: The International Expert Committee Meets in Brazil and Reviews Evidence to Verify the Interruption of Endemic Measles Circulation; Regional Immunization Action Plan is Approved by PAHO Member States at the 54th Directing Council; Vaccination Campaign against Influenza in Ecuador, 2014-15; Progress in Implementing PAHO's Toolbox to Monitor the Coverage of Integrated Public Health Interventions; Quiz: Immunization & Vaccine Administration; COLUMN: What I have Learned... by Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis
  • IN THIS ISSUE: XXIII Meeting of PAHO's Technical Advisory Group on Vaccine-preventable Diseases; Regional Immunization Action Plan; Monitoring Immunization Progress in the Americas with the PAHO/WHO-UNICEF Joint Reporting Form; Update on the Status of Measles, Rubella, and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Elimination; Missed Vaccination Opportunities; Transitioning to the Use of Auto-Disable Syringes; COLUMN: What I've Learned... by J. Peter Figueroa
  • IN THIS ISSUE: International Expert Committee Declares Rubella Eliminated from the Region of the Americas; The Celebration of Vaccination Week in the Americas 2015; Eliminating Rubella and Measles in the Americas: Ten Key Actions Taken by Countries of the Region and PAHO; Advances towards Polio Eradication; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data Final Classification, 2014; In Memoriam: Ana Betty Higuera Pérez
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Comprehensive Costing of Brazil's National Immunization Program; Regional Polio Laboratory Network Meets in Mexico; What are some of the Myths and Facts about Vaccination? Training Workshop on Vaccine-preventable Disease Surveillance in St. Lucia; Jamaica Launches Measles Prevention Campaign; Regional Meeting on Bacterial Pneumonias and Sentinel Surveillance of Meningitis in Panama; Immunization Programs Go Digital; Prices for Vaccines Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2015; Prices for Syringes Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2014-2015; International Evaluation of Peru's National Immunization Strategy
  • IN THIS ISSUE: 30th Caribbean Immunization Managers' Meeting; Honduras Demographic and Health Survey 2011-2012: Analysis of Vaccination Timeliness and Co-administration; Cholera Vaccination in 2 Areas in Haiti, 2013; HPV Vaccine in Chile and Ecuador; Practical Guide: Inactivated; Poliovirus Vaccine (IPV) Introduction; Vaccination Coverage Analysis Workshop for the Region of the Americas; Regional Polio Meeting in Mexico; IPV Storing Principles; PAHO's Dr. Cuauhtémoc Ruiz Matus Awarded for Achievements in Health

  • IN THIS ISSUE: Partnership between the Chilean Infectious Disease Society and the Ministry of Health Launches Online Course on Measles and Rubella; Guyana Conducts its First Assessment of Effective Vaccine Management; Measles/Rubella Outbreak Response Workshop in Uruguay; Vaccination during Emergency Situations; Plan of Action for Maintaining Measles, Rubella, and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Elimination in the Region of the Americas; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data Final Classification, 2013; Vaccination Week in the Americas Recognized as One of Five Memorable Movements in Public Health

  • IN THIS ISSUE:PAHO's Technical Advisory Group Meeting; Cholera Vaccination in the Americas; Update on Pertussis Vaccination; Vaccination with Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine in Adults; Status of Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination; Update on the PAHO Revolving Fund; Status of Influenza Vaccination in the Americas and Formation of the Network for Evaluation of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness-REVELAC-i; Multicenter Evaluation of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Latin America

  • IN THIS ISSUE: Ciro de Quadros Honored as a PAHO Public Health Hero of the Americas; Beloved Dr. Ciro de Quadros, 1940-2014; Remembering a Hero; Dr. Jon K. Andrus Speaks at PAHO Memorial for Dr. Ciro de Quadros; In the Mood for Wiping out Vaccine-Preventable Diseases:Interview with Dr. Ciro de Quadros; Remembering Ciro de Quadros; Obstacles Overcome: Excerpts from ‘Experiences with Smallpox Eradication in Ethiopia' by Dr. Ciro de Quadros; Selected Obituaries Commemorating Dr. Ciro de Quadros; In Memory of Dr. Ciro de Quadros

  • IN THIS ISSUE: Vaccination Week in the Americas 2014; Supervisors Meeting on New Vaccine Surveillance; Measles and Rubella Preparedness for the World Cup; Celebrating 40 years of EPI; Paraguay and the Americas against Measles and Rubella; Second REVELAC-i Meeting; Mid-Term Review for the GAVI-Graduation Process in Honduras; Lessons Learned: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Seasonal; Influenza Vaccine in Colombia, 2013-2014; 6 EPI Cold Chain Strengthening and Immunization Registries, Dominican Republic; Brazil Introduces the HPV Vaccine Nationwide; Pertussis/Diphtheria/Tetanus/Mumps Case Data, 2012-2013; El Salvador Celebrates Vaccination Week in the Americas
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Superheroes Help Promote Vaccination Campaign in Bogotá, Colombia; Integrated Monitoring Toolbox is Validated in Nicaragua; The Global Polio Situation in 2013; Technical Facts on Vaccines Used in the Americas; Monitoring Vaccine Utilization and Wastage; Table 1. Prices for Vaccines Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2014; Table 2. Prices for Syringes Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2014-2015; New Vaccine Cold-Storage Center Opens in Peru

  • IN THIS ISSUE: Caribbean Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Managers Meet in Jamaica; Second Workshop Conducted in Brazil to Share the Lessons Learned in the Development and Implementation of Electronic Immunization Registries; Information Systems Projects Become Easier with the PATH/WHO Toolkit; Analysis of Key Stakeholders in Vaccine Decision-Making:A Pilot Study in Ecuador; Regional Meeting on Sentinel Rotavirus, Bacterial Pneumonia and Meningitis Surveillance; Regional Workshop on EPI Planning and Program Costing Using the COSTVAC Method and Tool; Strengthening National Measles and Rubella Outbreak Response Capacity in the Post-Elimination Era; Brazil Launches a Book Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of its National Immunization Program

  • IN THIS ISSUE: Progress Made in the Integration of EPI Costing and Planning; Workshop for Rotavirus Genotyping; Evidence-Based Decision-Making for New Vaccine Introduction; Member States Endorse the Continued Strengthening of Evidence-Based Policy-Making for National Immunization Programs; Update on the Status of PAHO's Revolving Fund for Vaccine Procurement and Progress Report on Regional Development of Vaccines and Hemoderivatives; The Fifty-Second Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Passes a Resolution in Support of the Revolving Fund and its Guiding Principles; Measles & Rubella Meetings; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data. Final Classification, 2012; Recent SAGE Recommendations on Influenza

  • IN THIS ISSUE: XXI Meeting of PAHO's Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Vaccine-preventable Diseases: "Vaccination: A Shared Responsibility"; Meeting of the Vaccine-Preventable Disease Laboratory Networks for the Region of the Americas; Polio, TAG Recommendations; Measles and Rubella, TAG Recommendations; Pertussis, TAG Recommendations; Yellow Fever, TAG Recommendations; Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults, TAG Recommendations; Meningococcal Disease and Vaccines, TAG Recommendations; Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Introduction and Framework for Impact Evaluation, TAG Recommendations
  • Vaccination Week in the Americas, 2013; Reducing Injection Pain during Vaccination and the Risk of Local Reactions and Abscesses; The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development and PAHO's Comprehensive Family Immunization Unit: A Partnership to Strengthen the Routine Expanded Program on Immunization in Latin America and the Caribbean; Haiti Makes Efforts to Strengthen its National Immunization Program; Positioning a Child for Injections; After the Vaccines… ; Paraguay and Uruguay Introduce the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Technical Declaration of the City of Antigua; The Golden Anniversary: 50 Years of the Measles Vaccine; Evaluation Study of "Vaccination Week in the Americas" in a Border Area: Bolívar Municipality, Táchira State, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, 2011; Costing of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) in Honduras; VACUNATON: One-Day Intensive Vaccination Strategy to Reach Measles and Rubella Vaccination Targets in Bolivia; Reported Diphtheria in the Americas Reached Historical Lowest Level in 2012; Pertussis/Diphtheria/Tetanus/Mumps Data Final Classification, 2011-2012; The GAVI Alliance Honors Four PAHO Member States for Their Immunization Achievements
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP); Meeting of the Polio Lab.Network in the Americas; What the GVAP Means for the Americas; Proposed Strategic Objective-Level Indicators; Private and Public Health Sectors Collaborate in Measles and Rubella Surveillance in Chile; Development of a Regional Framework to Evaluate HPV Vaccination; 2013 Vaccine and Syringe Prices from the PAHO Revolving Fund; Trinidad and Tobago introduces HPV vaccine
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Immunization Registries in Latin America: Progress and Lessons Learned; Immunization and Birth Registration; The Information System of Brazil's National Immunization Program; Web-based EPI Monitoring System by Birth Cohort in Bogotá, Colombia; NOTI-PAI: An Innovative Feature of Bogotá's Immunization Registry; Chile's National Immunization Registry; Information Management System, Tucumán, Argentina; Mobile Data Entry Clerk: An Innovative Idea Worth Exploring; Paraguay's New Immunization Information System; Uruguay's Nominal Immunization Registry; Pertussis/Diphtheria/Tetanus/Mumps Data Final Classification, 2010-2011; Lessons Learned from Implementing a Nominal Immunization Registry in Honduras
  • IN THIS ISSUE: XX TAG Meeting -Paving the Way for Immunization; Bolivian Uru Chipaya Community Receives PAHO Immunization Award; Polio Vaccines; Rotavirus Vaccination Schedule; Measles, Rubella and CRS Elimination; Evidence on Pertussi'; Decade of Vaccines: From Planning to Action; Cholera Vaccination in the Americas;  Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines Continue to be Safe; The PAHO Revolving Fund and the Current Global Vaccine Market; Improving Regional Vaccine Production Capacity to Meet the Needs of the Americas; WANTED: Trinidad and Tobago's East Leo Club 1982
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Intensive Health Activities Focused on Children in Haiti; WHO Vaccine Reaction Rates Information Sheets; International Workshop on Cold Chain Operations in Nicaragua; Workshop on Measles and Rubella Detection Using Real Time RT-PCR and Sequencing; Newsbriefs; El Salvador Enacts Vaccine Law; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data Final Classification, 2011; Dr. Cláudio Marcos da Silveira: In Memoriam
  • IN THIS ISSUE: First Pan American Vaccine Safety Summit; Vaccinator Training Course, Uruguay: Quality Vaccinators for Service Excellence; Workshop to Define the Main Indicators and Visualizations for the Immunization Module of the Regional Health Observatory; Cold Chain Equipment and WHO Pre-qualification; The ProVac International Working Group Begins its First Country Study of the Pilot Phase
  • IN THIS ISSUE:  Tenth Anniversary of Vaccination Week in the Americas and the First World Immunization Week; Haiti launches VWA with Intensive Vaccination Activities Focused on Children; Honduras launches Vaccination Week; Vaccine-derived Poliovirus Paralytic Poliomyelitis - What is it and what should you do?; Guide to Contraindications and Precautions to Commonly Used Vaccines; Vaccination: An Act of Love, 10 Years of Vaccination Week in the Americas
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Brazil's Experience with the Development of a Vaccine-Wastage Evaluation System; Adherence to Immunization Recommendations by the Health Staff of the American Hospital. Montevideo, Uruguay, 2011; The Revolving Fund's New KPI Dashboard: Key tool for continuous improvement; Alternative Algorithm for Poliovirus isolation and characterization; PAHO Revolving Fund: Vaccine and Syringe Prices, 2012; Fourth ProVac Network of Centers of Excellence Meeting, Cartagena, Colombia
  • IN THIS ISSUE: International Evaluation of Paraguay's Expanded Program on Immunization, 2011; Regional ProVac Workshop on Strategies and Cost-Effectiveness HPV Vaccination; Paraguay's Evaluation of the Vaccination Supplies Stock Management (VSSM) Software; Regional Meeting on Rotavirus and Bacterial Pneumonia/ Meningitis Surveillance – Montevideo, Uruguay, 16-17 Nov. 2011; VINUVA – New tool for the monthly reporting of data from sentinel surveillance of rotavirus, pneumonia and meningitis; Remembering Dr. Eugenia Sacerdote de Lustig
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Progress Toward Implementation of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination – the Americas, 2006-2010; The Development of Dengue Vaccines and their Potential Use in the Americas; ProVac Model for Evaluating the Costeffectiveness of Cervical Cancer Control Strategies; Progress Report: "Immunization: Challenges and Outlook"; Reported Cases of Selected Diseases, 2009-2010; Guatemala's Vaccination Information System
  • IN THIS ISSUE: XIX TAG Meeting - Vaccinate your family. Protect your community.; Immunization Newsletter: Over 30 years Reaching Every Corner of the Americas
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Immunization Coverage Monitoring Chart; Vaccination Week in the Americas, 2011; Mr. Henry Smith: a brief summary of his contributions to the field of Immunizations; Meeting of the Working Group on Mumps; Meeting of the Measles and Rubella Laboratory Network; Measles/Rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance Data Final Classification, 2010
  • IN THIS ISSUE: IEC Meeting, 2011; Vaccination Week in the Americas, 2011; New Vaccine Introduction in Latin America and the Caribbean; Experiences of the Americas Region on Sustainable Immunization Financing; Jamaica's DQS, 2010; Improving Immunization Services in Haiti; Technical Specifications for Refrigerated Containers; Gate Foundation's "Grand Challenges Explorations"
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Cholera Outbreak in Haiti; Ad-hoc Scientific Consultation on the Potential Role of Cholera Vaccination in the Americas; National Computerized Nominal Immunization Registries: Workshop to Share 'Lessons Learned'; PAHO Revolving Fund: Vaccine and Syringe Prices, 2011; Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Revolving Fund; STOP Program
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Sub-regional Meetings, 2010; Integrating ICTs into the Immunization Program; Nicaragua introduces PCV-13 vaccine; Vaccination Supplies Stock Management (VSSM); IMeCA - Latin American Open Source Health Informatics Meeting
  • IN THIS ISSUE: 5th Annual EPI-Managers Meeting - Dutch Islands; Ecuador: Investigation of an Imported Measles Case; The Principles of Disease Elimination and Eradication; Global Experts Meeting - Measles Eradication; Reported Cases of Selected Diseases, 2008- 2009; Immunization in the Americas 2010
  • IN THIS ISSUE: UNASUR's Role in the Vaccination Against Pandemic Influenza; Polio in Tajikistan: A Reminder of the Risk of Importations to Polio-free Regions; WHO Director-General Statement Following the 9th Meeting of the Emergency Committee; Haiti: Vaccination Campaign Following the Earthquake; Advances in Cervical Cancer Prevention in Latin America; What's New About Vaccine Surveillance; Questions and Answers About Vaccination; History of the EPI in Colombia
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Sharing Experiences in Measles, Rubella, and CRS Elimination; Uruguay: Faculty of Medicine Plays a Major Role in National Vaccination Campaign; Brazil Implements Workshops to Improve Vaccination Coverage at Local Level; Network of ProVac Centers of Excellence in Economic Evaluations and Decision Analysis; On-line International Vaccine Economics and Statistics (OLIVES); Measles/Rubella/CRS: Final Classification, 2009; 63rd WHA Endorses Resolutions on a Variety of Immunization Issues
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Americas Successfully Complete Phase 1 of Polio Containment; Pandemic Influenza (H1N1) 2009 and Vaccine Safety; ProVac: Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Rotavirus Vaccines; 8th Vaccination Week in the Americas; How to Perform the Shake Test
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Honduras: Denominator Adjustment in Population Aged Under Five Year; Yellow Fever ESAVIs in Peru, 2007: Findings from an Expert Panel; PAHO Revolving Fund: Vaccine and Syringe Prices, 2010; 2009 AFP Rate Reaches Lowest Level in 10 Years; AFP and Measles/Rubella Indicators, 2009; Peru's 2010 Budget Law: National Immunization Program to Secure Funds
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Diphtheria Outbreak in Haiti, 2009; Evaluation of Bacterial Pneumonia and Meningitis Surveillance in Guatemala; Polio Laboratory Network; Aide:-memoire: Hepatitis B Immunization of Health Workers; Influenza A(H1N1): Technical Guidelines for Vaccination Against the Pandemic Influenza Virus
  • IN THIS ISSUE: XVIII TAG Meeting Conclusions and Recommendations; Rubella, CRS, and Measles in the Americas; Immunization Project Launches Three Publications
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Campaign in Guyana; Haiti: National Rubella Campaign; Suspect Rubella Cases with Positive Laboratory Results, Guatemala, 2008; Td Immunization of Pregnant Women in Guyana; Measles/Rubella/CRS: Final Classification, 2008
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Current Situation of Influenza A(H1N1); WHO Pandemic Alert Phases; Glossary and Definitions; Pandemics and Pandemic Threats; Facts About Influenza; Questions and Answers Related to Vaccines for the New Influenza A(H1N1); References; Advice for Individuals
  • IN THIS ISSUE: St. Maarten Completes Two Vaccine Coverage Surveys;ProVac Workshop: The Case of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine; ProVac Workshop: Feedback from Country Teams; Update on Certification of Polio Laboratory Containment; Measles/Rubella/CRS: Final Classification, 2007
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Immunization Program Evaluation in Guyana; Descriptive Analysis of Immunization Policy Decision-making in the Americas; 10-day Electronic Temperature Monitoring Devices; Immunization in the Americas: 2008 Summary
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control;  Vaccine Laws in the Americas; WHO HPV LabNet Meeting; Community; Participation in Vaccination Campaigns in Nicaragua; Report of Selected Diseases, 2006-2007; Mexico Declaration on Cervical Cancer
  • IN THIS ISSUE: Measles, Rubella & CRS Elimination; Revolving Fund OperatingProcedures; Regional Plan for Syringes; AD Syringes: Design and Use;  Estimating Needs for Waste Management; Management of Waste from Injection Activities; Laboratory Containment of Wild Poliovirus