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Follow up Meeting to the 1st Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health: Final Report November 15th — 16th, 2009. Havana, Cuba
2009, ISBN 978-92-75-13103-9

The Executive Committee* of the "Follow up Meeting to the 1st Latin American Conference on Reserach and Innovation for Health" presents the final report of the follow up meeting that took place in La Habana, Cuba November 15-16, 2009.

The report will help those in the region that are interested in the development of National Health Research Systems (NHRS)  to understand the  opinions of different actors about  recommendations for the design, development and/or strengthening of NHRS reflected by the contributions of diverse participants, including reserachers and academics, senior officials from the Ministries of Health and representatives of foundations and international organizations. Moreover, it provides updates on recent developments since the conference in Río de Janeiro and summarizes presentations held during the meeting with participant discussions on 4 topics selected in a survey administered to participants prior to the meeting:

  • Strengthening of NHRS in the Region
  • Human Resources for Health Research
  • Financing for Health Research
  • Knowledge Transfer and Translation

* The Executive Committee was comprised of: Adolfo Álvarez Bravo (qepd) (Ministerio de Salud, Cuba), Francisco Becerra-Posada (COHRED), Luis Gabriel Cuervo (OPS/OMS), Sylvia de Haan (COHRED), Charles Gardner (Foro Global), Moisés Goldbaum (Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brasil), ExCo: Michel Jimenez (The Wellcome Trust), Gabriela Montorzi (COHRED), Sylvie Olifson-Houriet (Foro Global), Norka Ruiz-Bravo (OPS/OMS).