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RELDA formerly the Dengue Laboratory Network of the Americas will now become the Arbovirus Diagnosis Laboratory Network of the Americas

The Arbovirus Diagnosis Laboratory Network of the Americas began as the Dengue Laboratory Network of the Americas, which was created in 2008 with the objective to strengthen scientific and technical capabilities, and establish a standardized laboratory protocol for dengue diagnosis. It included a framework for action in the countries to introduce a regional research agenda and quality management system in network laboratories, and integrate the available scientific and technical capabilities in the Region to ensure a timely response to dengue outbreaks and epidemics and regional contingencies.  

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the Americas, for example with the introduction of chikungunya since 2013 and zika since 2014-2015, and the continuous challenge of dengue, west Nile, yellow fever, and other arboviruses, the dengue network needs to expand to address the new challenges represented by these arboviruses and others that may be imported or emerge in the future. This new change in the laboratory network has been developed to address the introduction and re-emergence of arboviral diseases such as chikungunya, zika, and West Nile virus that along with dengue are currently co-circulating the Region, and to provide timely response to future outbreaks.


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Recent activities - Photo Gallery

Reunion anual de RELDA

Annual meeting of the Arbovirus Diagnosis Laboratory Network (RELDA)

Meeting to review the first global round of proficiency testing for detection of arboviruses by PCR and plan a second round of testing

Regional Meeting with the Collaborating Centers of Dengue and RELDA

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